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  • Yoga Teacher Marlene Sinclair

    Marlene Sinclair

    Vibrant Venezuelan/Spanish, practitioner of Yoga and Buddhist philosophy. She is certified in Hatha Vinyasa 200 hours, Yin, Jivamukti SW and Trauma Yoga. She is also certified in Thai Massage, Reiki I,II,III , and Reflexology. A mother of two Queens and grandmother of two Princesses.

    "I have been practicing Yoga for more than 20 years. This practice has seduced me and enriched me considerably, both on a mental, physical and spiritual level. This “union” is manifested in an inner balance, well-being, flexibility, strength, and a great awareness of the Being. Due to the great feeling of well-being achieved, I undoubtedly wanted to spread this technique and therefore a become a Yoga teacher. In my classes I combine the meditation, asanas and pranayama. I put a lot of emphasis on the observation of each student, in their actions, alignments and the awareness in the breath. I believe that yoga adapts to one and therefore, each person is unique at all levels. I embellish all these virtues with a big smile, remembering that by smiling, both internally and externally, we turn this practice into a great dance dedicated to the Divine, to our Being."

  • Yoga Teacher Emma


    My yoga journey started about 10 years ago, in a room above a cafe in Brighton. I had heard Yoga was good for mental health, but I really struggled during the class. I thought Yoga wasn't for me as I didn't feel I could do any of the poses... or the relaxation! However, there was something about it that kept me going back, and back, and back! I grew to love the practice. I trained as a Yoga Teacher in India in 2015, and deeply connected with meditation, and the richness of Yoga philosophy. After teaching for 5 years, I trained as a Yoga Therapist working in a scientifically informed and holistic way to support physical and mental health conditions. I teach a variety of Yoga styles, including Hatha, Yin/ Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Meditation. I love seeing how the practice of Yoga can remind us of who we really are, and how it can bring wholeness and healing to people.

  • Yoga Teacher Vianna


    Focus, discipline, practice and body awareness have been part of my life since I was 6yr. old. thru dance, a profession that led me to yoga when i moved to Europe from the Caribbean in 2000. I was enamoured and after years of practice, training followed: Ashtanga 200h, including workshop with Manju Jois, Raja 60h, Hatha 590h, and recently Yin in Asia where I was also leading retreats.

    Adding to a holistic approach comes in studies and experience as nutrition coach, chef, cooking teacher and fitness instructor.

    In asana I like to alternate between creative flowy sequences and honouring the slow paced classics, from very yang playing-with-your-edges to "do-nothing-just-be" sessions. I appreciate and pursue the importance of healthy technique but highlight the significance of action from a truthful and compassionate place, detaching from the outcome, more than teaching posture. I wish to guide you to get absorbed in the present moment.

    Currently I am enjoying preparing the content and material to impart the official professional yoga instructor certificate issued by the Spanish gov.: history, philosophy, main texts, paths, masters, etc. less known parts of yoga which i love to share.

  • Yoga Teacher Vanessa


    Hi everyone I'm Vanessa, I'm from a little Coastal City called Perth located in Western Australia. I have been passionate about Yoga since I was 11 and my mum took me to my very first class. I was captivated by how relaxed I felt at the end of my practice.

    Since that first class, I have always gravitated to yoga! When I started teaching Aerials/ Circus Arts… about 9 years ago… I decided to become a qualified Yoga Instructor. I found performance work can be quite competitive and demanding on the body and I wanted to encourage my students to maintain a healthy relationship with themselves.

    I studied Vinyasa as being a dancer, I fell in love with the flow and creative freedom offered in a Vinyasa practice. I have since studied Yin and various Breathwork/ Meditation practices to create a more integrated practice.

    I have been privileged to teach this beautiful art form for 9 years and I have met some of the kindest most amazing humans in that time. I am so lucky to share what I love with so many open/ wonderful souls and I hope to get to practice with you soon.

  • Yoga Teacher Tatjana


    It is very precious to me to guide people through their Yogapratice, this space where they take time to connect to themselves and care for body, mind and soul. My Asana practice started 8 years ago. But even before, there has ever been this seeker inside of me. Curious by nature I am always open for new experiences. While I lived in different places and worked in different jobs, the yogic practice became the one thing constant in my life and what guids my paths.

    The first teacher training i did nearby Mysore, India in an Ashram on a stunning permaculture farm. It was a traditional Hatha Yoga Training. I understood that i just dipped my toe into a beautiful ocean full of learning, growing and thriving. Afterwards I did a multistyle training in Spain and many other workshops which at last lead me to falling in love with the practice of Iyengar Yoga.

    Next to the yogic journey, my other big passion is landscape design based on permaculture principles, that i studied in Hamburg, Germany. Connecting these two big aspects of my life helps me to translate what i learn on the mat into creating a healthy lifestyle in harmony with the natural world.

    That is what i aim for in my practice and my teaching, connecting through oneself to the beauty of existence.

  • Yoga Teacher Diana


    Like many yogi's before me, my passion for the ancient path of yoga sprung out of an injury on a physical level. A debilitating back problem brought me to a yoga class, and immediately something stirred in me. The breath opened me up to something so familiar; a feeling of home. I knew I had to have yoga in my life everyday.

    Three years later I joined the British Wheel of Yoga teacher training diploma course, and began my initiation into becoming a yoga teacher. I began teaching in 2006. Since then I have taught yoga full time, running weekly classes, many retreats, workshops, foundation trainings and yoga festivals.

    It is an honour and a privilege to share these timeless ever evolving rituals of yoga, that help us come into deeper relationship with ourselves, our loved ones and the land on which we co-create together. Never has there been a time in history that this is needed more.

    May we all walk in harmony, love and peace, together. Diana x

  • Yoga Teacher Parvati Elena

    Parvati Elena

    Born in the Basque Country. She did her training in India in 2011 the 200h yoga teacher course, then the Advanced 500h teacher course came and of course she followed with her passion the pranayamama "The shadana intensive" at the ashram of Orleans (France).

    She has been teaching yoga for 10 years in different places in Europe and India. From beginner courses to Teacher Training Courses, Retreats, physical yoga classes, meditation, analysis and observation of the mind, mantras, kirtan.

    From 2017 to 2021 she has been serving voluntarily in the Sivanda Organization as Staff and a member of the teaching team at Rustic Yoga Retreats Murcia Spain. She has been fortunate to have different international teachers and guides like Swami Durgananda and Swami Sivadasananda.

    "My spiritual name was given by the acharyas of the Sivananda school, Parvati "the daughter of the Himalayas" related to the energy of transformation, change, destruction. Reminding me that in every moment that everything that surrounds us is constantly changing, a continuous opportunity to evolve. My goal in life is to serve as an instrument for this transformation and pass on the Yoga Teachings that I have received and experienced. Support and help in the evolution of one's own Being... if you wish."

  • Yoga Teacher Puja Sue Flamm

    Puja Sue Flamm

    Hi my name is Puja Sue Flamm, I am the author of, Restorative Yoga with Assists in English and in Spanish and 93 Prescriptions for Joy, a teacher trainer of yoga and the creator of the Puja Method of Restorative Yoga. I am a certified Massage Therapist and I have been teaching yoga for 40+ years.
    I have given numerous trainings, retreats, workshops and thousands of classes in the U.S.A, throughout Europe, China, Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba, South Africa, and India.
    I spent 6 years living in an ashram (spiritual community) and 3 years doing ceremony with a Lakota Medicine Family. Both have allowed me to dive into personal transformation and spirituality. I have owned two yoga studios in Massachusetts (USA), ran a third yoga studio and also managed a pre and post natal learning center in the greater New York area.
    Certified in Kripalu Yoga, with intensive studies in Iyengar, Ashtanga and Anusara styles. I have extensive experience in teaching yoga and many years of personal practice. Dedicated to my students, my classes promote an internal connection between body, mind and spirit, meditation, teaching different ways to help the body to have more physical strength and toning the internal organs, teaching how to relax deeply and cultivate the practice with kindness towards ourselves.
    I speak English and Spanish, and live on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Valencia, Spain.

  • Yoga Teacher Clari Martinez

    Clari Martinez

    "My yoga journey began 20 years ago when I went to a yoga class with my sister. After that class, I made yoga my way of life. I had the privilege of learning from amazing teachers all over the world. Influenced by my teachers, peers, environment and my travels, l bring a unique sense of empowerment to each of my classes. Through intention, meditation, pranayama and asana my goal is to have my students leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed. My classes are as demanding as you want them to be and there is a lot of freedom to modify the poses depending on what you need. I teach in a way that lets the student experience for themselves through careful planning and energy reading. My goal is that the students find that sacred place in the class and in themselves."

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