Yoga Teacher Training 
Alison Hawkins & Oskar Nery

Yoga Soul Body Fit

Balance Beyond the Mat
200 hrs (YA) in 3 modules

This training has been moved to 2021. We will update as soon as pos.

Yoga Teacher training at Rustic Retreats

We keep student numbers low, so that you get all the attention and support you need. Typically our 200hr course has between 10 and 15 students per course.

Yoga soul body fit is registered with Yoga Alliance USA, so you can register as a member on completion of your course if you wish to.

After a time of practicing yoga most practitioners think about taking a Yoga Teacher Training to deepen their practice and to learn a few things that simply are not covered in regular yoga classes......

If you are not sure about teaching but just want some time to focus on your personal practice, and dip your toe into the teaching experience then module 1 is open to take on its own. 

Please note there is no first aid certificate on this  course & home study is required after the each module .

Chill under a lemon tree or by the pool 
Delicious, nourishing, vegetarian  menu prepared by your chef
Vegetable Vendor
Spend a day strolling about the local market 
In your free time we organise mountain hikes, movie night under stars and more .....

​What is the course: A registered Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program offering basic 200 hours qualification.

This course is a three part modular course leading to a 200 hour YogaTeaching qualification registered with Yoga Alliance taught by Alison Hawkins & Oskar Nery. In this course you will be looking at Vinyasa style Yoga practices, including meditation and pranayama. You will consider different approaches to practice and teaching helping you to develop your own personal teaching style. You will also be learning about physiology and anatomy in relation to teaching asana, vinyasa and breath work. Keeping your practice style safe for you and those that you choose to teach. Of course there will be a look at the historical, cultural and social aspects of modern Yoga. 

On completion of the three modules you will have knowledge to design classes for beginners in both groups and also one on one private classes. YSBF aims to give you a broad foundation that means as your practice develops further over the years, the skills you have leant will enable you to teach with knowledge, insight and confidence.

A Foundation Course Certificate will be provided to those attending only the first session. Plus any one attending additional sessions will get a certificate indicating hours completed if less than the full course.

All certificates will be issued electronically. 


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Daily timetable for yoga course

06.30. Pre practice Teas/ Coffee/ hot water 

07.00 Meditation & Yoga Self Practice ( 2 hours )

09.30 Breakfast 11.30 Practical/Theory workshop (1.5 hours )

14.00 Lunch Free Time

17.00 Practical/Theory workshop (1.5 hours)

18.00 Led Class (Yoga & Meditation) (2 hours)

20.45 Dinner

7 hours teaching/study time a day. 

1 day off where we can go to town or for a mountain hike. 

(Please note, this is a sample timetable and may be subject to change.)

Module 1 

YTT Foundation Course: Developing your own self practice. Some basic anatomy. Pranayama Intro. Meditation Intro. This course would also be suitable for any person wishing to develop a general self or home practice safely and intelligently, without having to complete the Teacher Training program.


Module 2

Yoga Philosophy & History including Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Teaching Methodology 1: including designing class programs and individual programs; use of language; demonstration vs verbal instruction, appropriate use of physical adjustments and other teaching tools. Anatomy & Physiology: Body Systems. More in depth practice techniques. 


Module 3

Teaching Methodology 2: including teaching special groups or individuals; including designing sequences for group class and basic programs for individuals; use of language; demonstration vs verbal instruction; plus other teaching tools. Anatomy & Physiology: Bio mechanics (Movement Anatomy). Teaching Practice. Exam/ Assessment 


Costs​ with full board and accommodation.

  • All 3 modules  €4830 

  • Upon acceptance we require a €500 deposit and the balance is due in full 4 weeks prior to the course start.  

  • Module 1 ( foundation course ) €1610  this can be a stand  alone module and comes with a foundation certificate

  • Module 2 & 3 can be attended individually  by already qualified yoga teachers/instructors wishing to review, deepen their knowledge of particular aspects of practice.

  • We offer easy payment terms please email us for more details 

About Bagend

We are sure you will love Bagend - from our fragrant orange groves, to our simple yet utterly peaceful accommodation in the heart of the Spanish countryside. Get in touch with us to ask any questions, find out more about our course