Turning inwards

An autumnal retreat

4-10 October, 12-18 October 2019

I had the most amazing time practising yoga at Rustic Retreats five years ago as a guest, meeting new people and exploring this area of Spain. I’m so excited to return this autumn, as the teacher, to lead a yoga and meditation retreat which connects to the powerful energy of this season and offers people some valuable tools to strengthen their yoga practise.

Autumn is bittersweet. Amongst the abundance of harvest and the beauty of autumnal colours are colder nights and darker days. After the heady, summer days it seems like the cold sharpens our resolve and we throw ourselves into new habits, work and study. We’ll be harnessing this autumnal energy during our retreat as we move through flow based classes and workshops, finding challenge and grace through yoga postures, transitions and breathwork. Workshops will offer insight into your own practice as you learn more about your own body and alignment, and begin to explore more challenging postures with support.

Each morning you will be led in a dynamic vinyasa flow practise, a breath led style of yoga

with opportunities to build strength and flexibility into the body whereas in the evenings,

guests will enjoy a more relaxing session of either slow-flow or restorative yoga, gently opening up the body and calming the mind. These classes are light-hearted and playful and at the same time, we will learn to understand our bodies, offering us a deeper sense of connection.

Longer nights are an invitation to rest and start to dream up new plans for the following year. Through meditation we train ourselves to turn our gaze away from stimuli and find a quiet, clear internal state. Restorative yoga supports the body and mind to enter into the ‘parasympathetic nervous state’ where the body can rest and heal. At Bagend you’ll be far away from any sound and light pollution, and free to take all the rest you need.

A yoga retreat provides us an opportunity not just to build strength in a physical practise, but also to explore other aspects such as meditation, breathwork and philosophy. This retreat takes the five niyamas, or spiritual observances, as inspiration to explore yogic philosophy and it’s relevance in our modern lives through the classes. Some, such as ‘saucha’, or cleanliness, might not seem immediately relevant, but there might be a connection to cleansing yourself of old patterns or habits, in order to make room for new ones.

One of the most important parts of this retreat is you’re in nature, and far away from any distractions from the outside world. You can put on your ‘out of office’, turn off your phone, shy away from the newspapers for a week and drop back in to yourself. You can enjoy delicious food and the last warm days by the pool, in the mountains, or at the local market.

I’m so looking forward to creating an experience which brings these different threads together, and leaves people feeling renewed, inspired and connected.

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