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Flow and Kundalini Yoga retreat

14-20 September, 22-28 September 2019

Are you ready to go on a yoga adventure, experiencing the wonders of Kundalini Yoga, Flow and creativity at the amazing home of Rustic Retreats?

Kundalini Yoga has been used to combat stress, it can shape up your abs and raise your mood. It is a moving meditation accompanied by music designed by OSHO, an Indian mystic, who believed that we, the people from the West, needed this to empty our busy minds.

Bagend is a lovely spot to take some time and space to recharge your energy and pamper yourself with spiritual and physical practice. A place to get to know or deepen yoga and meditation practice and to take your time off in the peace and calm of this beautiful area. This is the place to let go, relax and meet new friends. Enjoy your new experience in a very magical space surrounded by mountains, orange and lemon trees, filled with love, delicious cuisine and fun.

Each morning we will start with an active Flow Yoga practice and a quiet meditation, to wake up to the day energized and at peace. Flow Yoga (or Power Yoga) practice stems from Ashtanga yoga and it’s about playing with the postures. The practice will be built gradually and will suit those with little experience or for those who desire more of a physical workout, completing more advanced yogic postures, (asanas). We will always find a way to make it joyful and accessible.

Our afternoon and evening activities will include Active meditation and Kundalini Yoga, offering a chance to discover something new for you. Active Meditation practice invites us to move freely in a dance like way, instinctively, allowing space to liberate emotional or energy blocks.

The main theme of the retreat is Kundalini Yoga, so this will be our evening practice. A Kundalini yoga class is the perfect way to end the day with beautiful melodies, movement and singing beautiful mantras. This type of yoga is known for its sets of kriyas, or exercises,- that include repetitive movements always followed by relaxation and meditation practice with the use of the music. Mantras are really easy to follow and it is easy to be carried away by the energy of the group and feel calm and centered by the end of the practice.

Since this retreat is also about feeling creative, we’ll have daily workshops to help you feel inspired with walking meditations, Ayurveda, intuitive art, dance and conscious communication.

We will have fun, experiment with new exercises and build tools to take home too.

If you haven’t heard of OSHO before, you can check the web to get to know about him;

There are also hundreds of video talks he gave that you can find on Youtube, for example:

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