The Art of Being with Your Self

Svastha Yoga - the practice of settling with and rejuvenating the self

25-31 August, 2-8 September 2019

Rustic Retreats welcomes you to the beautiful countryside of Bagend for a deeply soul warming and self affirming week of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, all sustained by gorgeous food, a stunning natural environment, clean air and like minded company. What a lovely way to spend the final days of summer.

The word Svastha in Sanskrit refers to the state of complete health and balance. The original therapeutic Yoga approach hones the skills of expressing your self as the being that you would like to see more often. The stresses and strains of our modern daily lives really can take a person far away from their true being, leading to feeling un-grounded, unsettled and unwell.

We will start each day gently, moving into a steady measured vinyasa based practice leaving us energised for the day ahead. ​​The morning practice is designed to increase our strength and flexibility without over taxing the central nervous system and being adaptable for different body types, health issues and abilities. The evening practice will promote total relaxation for quality sleep giving attention to alignment for support and comfort.

The Svastha system pulls together a complete practice. It is simple and very much geared to be unique to each individual will offer you a complete set of tools to take away to use at different stages of life and experience.

Bring your sweetest smile and an open mind.

night. We work the opposite way to the morning, warm up, start strong briefly, slowing down to longer breath based holds using props, and more attention to alignment for support and comfort. Finally stillness, and deep relaxation.

Bring your sweetest smile and an open mind.

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