Return to Nature

Yoga, Meditation and Self-discovery

9 - 15 June & 17 - 23 June 2019

Come, experience the joy of Yoga, Meditation and Self-discovery

I am super excited that the 'Return to Nature' retreat is just a few weeks away at the beautiful home of Rustic Retreats.

The week’s program is full of exciting activities ranging from dynamic asana practices to eating chocolate (yes, I’m serious there!). I am really looking forward to sharing lots of fun ideas so you can begin to reconnect with nature and your inner-self, at the same time absorbing the magical and healing energy that Bagend and its surroundings have to offer. It’s going to be a very special and hopefully transformative week for us all! ​

So here are just a few highlights:

You will all be introduced to the Animalia Asana® yoga method, which celebrates the animal element in yoga. There are many yoga poses, breathing techniques and mudras (symbolic gestures) that were originally inspired by observation of the animal kingdom. In ancient India, gurus and sages studied animal behaviour long and hard, recognising that there was much to be learned from animals. They saw that even at times of conflict in nature, there is always a special kind of harmony present, and that becoming better equipped at dealing with conflict in a non-violent, useful way, can improve human lives greatly. ​​Being more connected with all beings on this ​​planet offers a wholesome and positive feeling, both outwards and inwards to ourselves. Easy-to-follow, fun classes and workshops will offer an insight into these animal-inspired yoga practices.

We’ll be offering a beautiful workshop called “Taste with Colour®”. Taste with Colour was developed by chocolate expert Hazel Lee as an aid to help you identify what you’re tasting with the use of colour. We’re going to explore the flavours of Xocolates Marjari’s craft bean-to-bar chocolate and gain a new appreciation for our taste buds and the food we eat. You will even create your own little watercolour paintings of what you taste and have these to take home.

It’s not very often we’ll find ourselves in such beautiful surroundings as those of Bagend, so to make the most of it we’ll be enjoying a slow, mindful, meditative walk around the grounds. This won’t be your average hike but much more measured, with deep thought, giving ourselves time to appreciate and really drink up all of the natural beauty of the Sierra Espuna mountain range. This week isn’t about rushing, after all!

I have many more exciting things planned for you too and it really is going to be a honour to share my experience and the week with you all. I am confident that your week at Rustic Retreats will be filled with lots of joy and insight, and will leave you with lasting happy memories.

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