Shine your Light

New Year Yoga Retreat

28 December - 3 January 2019

I am so excited to share this Rustic Retreats yoga programme with you at this time of year in the grounds of the beautiful and blissful Bagend. This is really the time of new beginnings.

Our special Shine Your Light NYE Yoga Retreat is a time to come together and celebrate this magical time of year; a time to be mindful and present, embracing and appreciating the beauty of the frost, stillness, calm and the quiet of Winter. We will be nurturing, realigning and awakening our power, purpose and creativity; let’s make 2019 the best year yet!

It is a dream to be at home in the amazing Rustic Retreats eco, off grid, yoga centre, where the food is from the Bagend land or that of the local market gardens, the water is from the mountain, the electricity is solar powered. There is zero light pollution, no road traffic noise, only countryside and tranquility. The perfect place to slow down and disconnect to reconnect! From the darkest, shorter days we are reborn. We awaken and journey into the lighter, longer days, bringing light, energy and freedom. Stars can't shine without the dark night so shine your light brightly, glow and sparkle! Throughout the 6 days we will use the inspiration of the elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether as we journey through the Chakras. Exploring the 4 Seasonal Archetypes, connecting to their style and which one we identify with.

Our morning sessions will be a dynamic offering of Elemental Hatha Yoga allowing us to explore the power and wisdom of Ayurveda and Chakras. We will have fun movement practices to create flow in our lives, tuning into our bodies and energy with intention, starting the year off in the right direction and learning how to move our bodies our way, with pleasure and joy. We will be looking at the Indian Health System of Ayurveda, to balance the 3 energy states of Kapha (Earth and water), Pitta (Fire) and Vata (Air). Learning how to tune into the Chakra energy centres in the body and get in touch with our inner compass. ​​ Evening sessions will be restorative, chilled out sunset practices of gentle slow Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) and Mindfulness Meditation to slow down brain waves and unwind our nervous systems. Guided imagery, body scanning and meditation aid relaxation, harmony and feelings of rejuvenation. Learning to master the art of mindful living, managing our anxieties and ultimately improving sleep. ​​

Let’s give the gift of yoga to ourselves and others this festive season. Replenish our cups, sharing the overflow with others, making the Yuletide season merry and bright! Making it a December to Remember and the Holidays balanced and bright! ​​

Happy choices, wishes, moments; Happy New Year!

Love, light and possibilities,


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