Let the Leaves Fall

Autumn is a time for release and possibilities at Rustic Retreats

4-10 October 2018 / 12-18 October 2018

Autumn is here, the air is changing and the leaves are turning. It’s an exciting season of change, of colour, of vibrance and it is rich in symbolism.

‘Be like the trees and let the dead leaves drop’ – Rumi

At this time of year this is one of my favourite sayings by Rumi, a wonderfully philosophical poet of the 13th century. Every year the trees willingly let their leaves fall, their deep wisdom of the laws of nature and their faith in the new growth allows them to wholeheartedly relinquish their hold and let the leaves go. They do not resist this phase in the cycle, they do not cling on to the old or hoard for just a little longer for they know that by doing just that, they will hinder the immerging of new buds in the spring.

It is time for us to do the same and I am so looking forward to sharing this journey of clearance, of letting go, of liberating ourselves from all the clutter, whatever that might be! After all, “Yoga is 99 percent waste removal” TKV Desikachar.

There is no better time to contemplate what we think we need, why we think we need it, re-thinking the whole thing and then maybe, just maybe, leaving it behind and thus creating space and potential for new and exciting possibilities.

Whether it’s during class or whilst you eat seasonal food under the almond tree and the stars, you will have time and space to explore this concept of letting go that, that's no longer needed, letting your own leaves fall and creating an abundance of new growth in the spring.

Before you arrive at the magical venue of Bagend, the home of Rustic Retreats, think about an issue, thought or belief that you would like to feel better about. Allow the feelings associated with this issue arise and let them be. Then, ask yourself the following questions with an open mind and heart:

  1. Could I welcome what I’m feeling?

  2. Could I let it go?

  3. Would I let it go?

  4. When?

These questions are simply to point you to the experience of letting go ready for your Autumn Retreat of Release. Please bring a journal with you as there will be time for further reflections during the week.

I so look forward to meeting you all.

OM shanti, Anna xx

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