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Balancing the emotional body through Yoga

Namaste Yogis,

I’m really looking forward to meeting and entering a yoga space with you all at Bagend next month. This home of Rustic Retreats is truly magical and it’s always a pleasure to spend time practising with the lovely people who are attracted there.

We will stretch and open our bodies and minds together as we have an opportunity to connect deeply with soul consciousness. Naturally held by the peace and serenity of the beautiful countryside we will be immersed in, we will give space to allow anything unhealed within us, to surface and be released through love, acceptance and a variety of tools. Tools that have helped me and countless clients greatly over the 20 years I have worked as a Holistic therapist.

In the mornings we will practice traditional Hatha yoga on the high platform, surrounded by mountains and wildlife as the sun rises. There will be morning and evening silent and some guided meditations and Yoga Nidra.

Evening classes of gentle, Pure yoga as taught by Swami Purohit and a varied selection of workshops, all with a focus on acceptance and release of old emotions and trauma, creating space for the body, mind and soul to return to a state of natural equilibrium. To read about this true Himalayan master of all limbs of Yoga.

As we dive deeper into our sense of being we gain access to levels of consciousness we may not have explored before. This retreat will be an invitation to do this and suitable for anyone who feels drawn to come and join us…

With the nutritious, vegetarian meals we will be eating and the support of nature, this retreat could serve as a deep cleanse for us on so many levels and a healthy new beginning to the rest of our lives...

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