Flowing along with summer

Empower yourself & find Your inner strength

Vinyasa Dynamic Flow Retreat

25- 31 August 2018, 2- 8 September 2018

Have You noticed how much energy the sun can give and take away from us?

We are lucky at Rustic Retreats to have the sun as our faithful companion, warming our hearts and souls as much as our bodies at the height of our most flourishing season of the year; mid-summer.

In ancient yoga philosophy, for thousands of years, the Hindu understood the sun (surya) as the physical and spiritual heart of the world and the creator of life itself; the sun as the eye of the world, a vision of the divine and its light as a symbol of consciousness and self-illumination. Furthermore, the sun was believed to be the outside equivalent to our inner sun and light; our spiritual heart.

This is how the practice of Surya Namaskar, our so well-known sun salutations, was created; in honour of the sun. The sun still stands for many attributes of life such as light, energy and power; all essential for our existence.

We will connect our Yoga practice to the sun and learn how to benefit from and use our own energies in relation to the sun, going on an explorative and playful journey with our distinctive physical, mental and emotional bodies, different day to day.

We as earthly beings, are highly influenced by nature and our bodies and minds adapt to the differing present environmental features during a day; from sunrise to sunset and at night time.

In mid-summer our bodies are very responsive to moving smoothly and harmonically, finding flow easily by releasing and letting go and giving in to movement and motion more naturally. Our body temperature is heightened so that we can build and store heat quickly. Our warmed muscles are more relaxed and elastic and we experience a wider range of movement. Experiencing this contributes to soothing our minds and consequently souls, increasing our well-being and feeling of self and integrity.

As the sun rises, shines, sets and stays down, we take our practice, starting each day with a morning meditation and energetic and dynamic yoga practice and ending with a calming evening practice with a closing meditation, mindfulness, Autogenic Training or Yoga Nidra. We will be ready to re-energise for the next day.

Each day we will have either a theoretical or practical workshop to help us understand and learn more about our body, yoga philosophy and anatomical functioning as well as our inner selves, our mental and emotional connection to our practice and being.

At the end of our Retreat we will feel richer, inspired and empowered for shining with the sun, living our brightest and uniquest being at this amazing time of the year.

Should You feel like being prepared, You could have a little investigative look into some findings on our workshop topics. Only if You like though, there is no need. Otherwise, just free Your mind and come with some open head space. :)

'Yoga and Chakras': https://www.yogajournal.com/practice/beginners-guide-chakras

I can’t wait to share this beautiful journey with You and to experience ourselves shining along with the sun. :)

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