Yoga, Meditation and Space

“It is only in alert silence that truth can be.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

6-12 August 2018 / 14-20 August 2018

I am so looking forward to being back at Rustic Retreats amongst nature, nestled into the special place that is known as Bagend: A place where we can let go of negative thinking, dreams can be woven, and new habits formed.

The theme of the retreat is ‘Yoga, Meditation and Space’. This retreat theme grew organically out of the last retreat I ran at Bagend where we all reflected on how life seemed to be getting busier and busier and it was difficult to find space and stillness. Throughout the retreat we started to introduce more and more periods of silence, and at the end of each period the tranquil look on everyone’s faces and the feedback I received convinced me that people were crying out for quiet time to reflect.

On this retreat we will use periods of silence, guided meditations, creative exploration and yoga practices to explore how we can find more space in our lives.

To read more about the beneifts of silence you can read this short blog here. ​​ Many of the meditation exercises will be based on the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti who wrote “It is only in alert silence that truth can be”. For more about Krishnamurt see this link:

While writing this blog I reflected on some tips to help prepare for the retreat and to get the most out of it.

  • Disconnect from day to day life. To allow you to immerse yourself in the experience might mean leaving the laptop at home and organizing ‘home’.

  • Minimise your luggage, this is an opportunity to find space in your life. Please try not to make a to-do-list of things you want to achieve or do on holiday! ​​

  • Start thinking about an intention for the retreat. My intention is to help you find space, whether it is more space in your bodies, minds or lives. Whatever your intention is, be sure to set it in the present and positive tense. So for example ….. if you want to let go of anxiety, your intention could be ‘I am confident”.

So I will conclude by saying that you just need to bring yourself to the retreat, as you are, with your distractions and complexities. You are welcome, come one and all. I can’t wait to meet you all at magical Bagend!

Love and light, Tania

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