Vinyasa Flow yoga retreat

Build and enjoy your own practice

17 - 23 July & 25 - 31 July 2018

I am so excited to be heading back to Rustic Retreats this July, the serene surroundings make this the perfect place to relax, restore and recharge. Building your own yoga practice is the focus of the retreat and offers experienced yoga practitioners and new-comers alike the opportunity to reflect on daily habits and shape a practice that’s right for you.

Each morning I’ll guide you through the perfect yoga flow to energise your entire body and mind whilst having fun building strength, balance and flexibility. When we’ve all worked up a good appetite, a beautiful outdoor breakfast will await us with the option of a dip in the pool overlooking the Spanish hills.

The workshop schedule this year covers a range of practical yoga sessions ranging from hip openers to strength building and inversions-something for everyone! This sits nicely alongside the all-important ‘make it your own’ workshop where we’ll discover what your perfect regular practice would look like and try out a few sequences and meditations to get you inspired.

The advantage of retreats over one off yoga classes is the opportunity to ask questions and have the time to put things into practice and see how they feel for you. Rustic Retreats is the ideal place for self-reflection, everything is taken care of and you can engage with nature and people in a meaningful way. With our busy lives this is something that is hard to achieve, sometimes we all need a reset and a chance to step back and observe. ​​

At the end of every day there will be super relaxing Yin yoga inspired sequences to release any remaining tension in your body and mind, leaving you ready for a peaceful night’s rest. This type of practice is great for balancing a strong physical sports practice or strong yoga practice. Yin yoga is slow paced and suitable for every level, it helps increase flexibility in the body and promotes calmness in the mind. There is a deep mind body connection established during a Yin practice, poses are held for a few minutes which provides the challenge of staying with an uncomfortable feeling or a difficult posture and breathing through it. At the end of the practice we will close with guided meditations to seal in all our good work and help you to carry blissful feelings down the mountainside to the dinner table where once again delicious and nourishing food will be prepared.

Aside from the yoga, you will have the opportunity to explore the local area, be immersed in the outdoors, relax with a book, recline in a hammock and find space and time to reconnect to yourself.

I can’t wait! Love and light, Emma

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