Hatha and Restorative Yoga Retreat

The creative in yoga

9 - 15 June & 17 - 23 June 2018

Greetings ​​

My ninth and tenth visits to teach at the beautiful Rustic Retreats await me (and all those joining me out there)! I am particularly curious and excited about the theme I’ve chosen for this year: the creative in yoga! Yoga can be creative—and we can be creative with our yoga practice—in multiple ways, from multiple perspectives and at various levels. Each day will have its own creative dedication and interpretation, allowing for both depth and breadth of our explorations and experiential learning.

Our yogic explorations will include energy creation, the attitude of creativity, the creation of centeredness and unity, creating intentions, the creation of your own home practice, the creativity-imagination link and creating a sense of playfulness within your yoga practice. Each exploration will interweave throughout all our group sessions in a day (meditation, yoga and workshops).

We will experience the theme as a group altogether, but crucially, also as individuals. Yoga will meet each of us wherever we find ourselves at on our unique yet united yogic and life journey. There will be an invitation to explore some insightful questions such as.. ‘can there ever be too much creativity, both generally and in the world of yoga?’ We’ll also ask whether the creative in yoga is an adjunct to modern yoga, or can the creative element in yoga also be found in its rich history?

If you have been practising yoga for a while, in the lead up to the retreat begin to ask yourself if you can identify a creative aspect to your yoga practice? Can you also pinpoint ways in which you bring creativity to your yoga practice? It may well be a two-way street: yoga can provide or enhance our creativity, and we can bring a creative approach to our yoga practice (both on and off the mat).

If you are new to yoga, you may wonder about starting something new, about the retreat and about yoga in general (experienced practitioners of yoga may also not be immune to these experiences!). So in the lead up to the retreat, see if you can create a sense of calm surrounding your anticipation of the retreat and of yoga in general. ​​One way to help with this is to begin just noticing your thoughts and seeing if they are negative, neutral or positive. ​What are they based on? Experience? Fact? Worry? Just breathe alongside and with that emerging awareness; the intention with this is to gain a bit of distance from those thoughts (regardless of whether you consider them good or bad thoughts!). ​​

Some writings on creativity by Osho will entice you further into our theme and prepare you for our time together. I will also be sharing Animalia Asana® with you for some of our yoga sessions.

Looking forward to meeting new faces and re-seeing familiar faces 😊

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