Power & Kundalini yoga retreat from €350 per person

Waking up, energizing and grounding yoga retreat Rustic Retreats Spain

5 - 11 March 2018


€450 reduced to €350 pp inclusive ( not including flights & transfers)

What is Power yoga?

Power Yoga is very active as it stems from Ashtanga Yoga. We won’t divide anyone into levels. On the contrary Power Yoga invites students to practice as intensively as they prefer since we offer various modifications. Ashtanga Yoga usually is a rigorous practice started by Sun Salutations followed by a set series of asanas. In Power Yoga we play with asanas creating a wide variety of sets of postures depending on the preferences and needs of the students.

You may expect active warm ups with Sun Salutations followed by a set of asanas that may be quite soft like Chair Pose, Warrior I, II or twists. I usually like to include Plank variations to keep the practice “warm”, Back Bands or Hips Openings postures. We always finish with relaxation and close the practice with meditation or pranayama.

What is Kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga is like no other and as a beginner you might feel very surprised by mantras used even during performing some postures. Kundalini Yoga has a wide range of already set kriyas (here: sets of asanas) that serve for different purposes. It can be a series to exercise the whole spinal column or to harmonize the work of glandular system or “just” to release toxins. Each exercise last for a couple of minutes and usually is accompanied by deep breathing or breath of fire. But you shouldn’t worry about the timing: the teacher always takes care of that.

Kundalini Yoga classes usually include meditations with beautiful music when the group uses a certain posture and many times we chant with the mantra. Mantras are easy to follow and you will definitely be carried away by the energy of the group, beautiful sound and inner focus.

Your Rustic Retreats journey

Kundalini Yoga based workshops will guide you through various practical aspects such as confronting and dealing with emotions, self-care and diet, creativity, discovering influences of life cycles and finding new opportunities for inspiring changes. It will serve as a tour towards (re)connecting with your creative self in your truth and consciousness. Each workshop will cover certain aspects that serve to analyze where you are now and inspire you towards change you desire for yourself, like change in your lifestyle habits, seeing new steps to take on your creative path or learning about other approaches in your communication with others.

During our morning sessions apart from physical practice we will devote a few minutes to silent meditation. In the evenings we will usually meditate with beautiful Kundalini Yoga mantras in our Kundalini Yoga class.

Our Mountain Side Kitchen

I only use local & ethically produced products in our mountain kitchen. Being the chef and founder of Rustic Retreats I spend most of my day creating and producing the most tantalising vege dishes.

My menu's are a fusion of recipes that I have created and that have been shared by friends with me over a period of 40 years running restaurants. Particular thanks to Jack

Plant box solutions who opened me eye's to even more exciting cooking techniques.

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The Power and Kundalini yoga retreat for March 2018 costs from €350 to €450 per person, including all meals, yoga, workshops & equipment. Not including flights or transfers.

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