New Year Yoga Retreat 2017

New Year Retreat 2017 at Rustic Retreats

We can't wait to welcome you all on the 28th December. Here’s a few links to some articles you might be interested in and some words from Tania & James your teachers

If you would like to explore more about the idea of setting a sankalpa here is a great article!

On the retreat we'll be using Yoga Nidra to fully restore and rest - here is some more info about Yoga Nidra:

Before you come on the retreat it might be nice to reflect on your reason for practicing yoga! Here is a great reading about why you might come to yoga:

As the nights have been drawing longer, towards the Winter Solstice next week, our minds have been drawn to the New Year and all it represents. In particular I have been thinking about what a wonderful opportunity it is to spending New Year at a yoga and meditation retreat. It is difficult to find places in the world where time seems to stop, and Nature takes the lead but this is what awaits you at Rustic Retreats.

Rustic Retreats and Bagend sits in a beautiful valley that I have been lucky enough to spend time at on several occasions over the last few years. It never fails to inspire the mind, provoke the imagination and calm the senses.

New Year is a time often associated with loud celebrations, fireworks and drinking. But what is it that the celebration of the stroke of midnight is all about? Are we madly celebrating the end of a time we wish forgotten, or are we celebrating the beginning of a new time we are sure will be filled with joy and happiness, or is it a mixture of both?

The truth is of course we all will be celebrating for slightly different reasons but one thing remains constant. As the clocks slowly strike 12 first in the far off islands of New Zealand, passing us some 12 hours later and finally a whole day after in the frozen north of Alaska, people around the world are all remembering both the best and the worst of the past year and looking forward to the promise of new hope which begins with the rising sun on the 1st of January.

Our TVs and news feeds are full of best of 2017 and it's songs, albums, movies, news stories, as well as lists of those celebrities the world lost. We all loudly boast of New Year's resolutions to lose weight, get fit, drink less etc. while often quietly whispering our real resolutions to ourselves… to like ourselves more, spend more time with our families, try not to shout when we are angry… But like most things and ideas that are born out of drinking and partying in a completely coerced environment, these resolutions (both the shouted and whispered) fade away as the cold January nights settle in.

Making a change in our life for the better isn’t something we can decide on a whim and hope for the best. Positive change comes from deep thought and subsequent hard work. Whatever our line of work most of us have busy lives often struggling to provide for our families and ourselves. We rarely have the luxury of stopping to reflect and to plan. By spending New Years at Rustic Retreats we are lucky to have that luxury for once.

Yoga is a practice designed to help clear the mind of distraction to help us focus inward. We are excited to spend a week with you, away from your daily lives to help you create a Sankalpa (Yogic Intention) that you can truly believe in and work towards all year. We will be sharing both physical asana practice and meditation techniques created to help you do just that. As well as yoga and meditation practice we have created workshops to help you set goals, free yourself of stress/anxiety, to free your body, connect with nature and even focus on the philosophical side of yoga.

But don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to sit and relax enjoying the surroundings. By the time you return to your lives at home you will feel refreshed, clear of mind and purpose ready to tackle 2018 head on.

To find out more about us, Tania & James before you arrive you can check out our Yoga Atea Page

or one of our videos on YouTube -!

Look forward to meeting you in Spain.

Tania & James

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