Rhythmic, grounding Vinyasa Yoga retreat September 2017

As the summer heat subsides and the nights grow longer we transition into Late Summer with a change of pace. Now is the time to slow down and operate from a strong sense of centre and self-worth which makes it a fantastic time of year to enhance our yoga practice and go on retreat!

Cocooned in the Espuna Mountains of southern Spain Bagend is calling and we are in for a treat! It will be my first time at Bagend and I am excited to get there! Having watched keenly over the years as Elliot has created and developed the perfect yoga sanctuary. One where we can come together year-round and be good to ourselves and unravel under its support.

So what should you expect from the Late Summer Yoga Retreats?

Core Awareness On a physical level we will work-out to lengthen and strengthen the ‘core’ muscles and become more aware of how to apply them on and off the mat so we can move better, perform better and avoid injuries and back pain.

On an energetic level, we will work-in to feel more connected and balanced. We’ll tune into our inner compass to cultivate inner-strength and confidence. We’ll learn nourishing self care techniques which will keep you in touch long after the retreat so you can continue to look after ourselves, polish your radiance and avoid burn out when the going gets tough.

Yoga & Meditation Rhythmic yoga flows, grounding meditations, calming breathing techniques, energy work and mindfulness. Practiced twice a day you will experience a supportive and nourishing journey back to centre to a strong sense of self.

You will learn how to practice yoga in a balanced way that feels right for you and take away the tools to enable you to continue your personal yoga and meditation practice long after the retreat has finished. If you’re coming on the retreat why not practice with me in advance. Check out this Core-focussed yoga flow (intermediate) or others on my YouTube Channel ‘BalanceBec’.

Balance During the retreat we will develop our understanding and awareness of energy cycles and the importance of learning to recognise and balance our energies.

We will have 5 workshops to dive deeper and learn, experience and share various tools to balance ourselves. This nature immersion amongst mountain wilderness is the perfect setting to re-connect under the centering influence of the Earth element. Here is some insight into the concept of balancing energies with the seasons. And here’s something to ponder before you come on retreat. I love nature and the mountains so much so that I have made it my home. For the most-part you will find me in the French Alps involved in mountain sports and teaching yoga in promotion of balance. I simply cannot wait to share these influences with you to enhance our Bagend mountain retreat experience.

Check out my website and social media for a better picture of who I am, my teaching style and ethos. I whole-heartedly look forward to meeting you and being part of this Late Summer Mountain Magic.

7 Reasons to go on a Mountain Yoga Retreat

Written by Rebecca Black from www.balancebec.com

1. Stress Management

Stress builds mountains. Plateaus, volcanoes, fold mountains all formed by stress to the earths crust. We, like the mountains, also experience stress that has the power to shape us. Our stress responses are felt emotionally and physically all to different degrees. While stress is a necessary component in achieving great things or just getting stuff done, it seems pretty clear that unmanaged stress and tension is distorting our health.

So let’s embrace stress in a way that it shapes us in positive way!

It’s worth remembering that while STRESS is inevitable, TENSION need not be.

Most of us aren’t aware how much residual tension we hold onto, but it’s there….. maybe in our posture, breathing, habits, thought patterns, behaviours…

We always have the power to let go of tensions and rebalance the effects of stress.

There are so many simple ways to detach from the stress which encourage us to be calm and simply in the present.

Attached to Nothing – Connected to Everything

So simple but the difficulty comes in permitting or disciplining ourselves to do it.

A mountain yoga retreat supports us in learning personal wellness tools that we can continue to apply long after the retreat. Enabling you to mirror the qualities of a mountain – strong stable and immovable. Able to apply your ‘Mountain Mind’ anytime you need to take time out to destress.

2. Different Perspective

When life’s not being likened to a box of chocolates, it’s often being likened to climbing a mountain….

The constant challenges while pushing onwards and upwards. The mighty obstacles, adversities and wild environment to be met with human courage humility and endeavor.

The mountains are a great place to explore your own personal magic:

  • empowerment comes from knowing where you’re headed and taking one step at a time to get there.

  • humility arrives from feeling so small in comparison to the vast scale of the majestic surrounds.

  • insight comes from scaling the peaks and assessing the bigger picture.

  • fresh understanding comes from exploring and appreciating the variety of features, shelters and obstacles, nature and wildlife.

  • feeling free as you immerse in nature, play with the fall line and explore the mountain floor or endless horizons.

History is full of leaders and changers who withdraw to the mountains to tune-in to their inner compass, to learn and grow and re-emerge with purpose perspective and direction. Inspired, enlightened, empowered…

As sir Edmund Hillary once said ‘It’s not the mountain you conquer but yourself….

3. Yoga progression

With yoga and meditation on tap, in one week your practice progression will be turbo-charged! Away from the hussle and daily distractions with unreliable mobile networks and a slower pace of life you will be free in the mountains to focus on you and your yoga. And for long after the retreat, every time you get on your mat you will apply what you discovered on retreat and continue to develop that connection. That’s true progression.

4. Mountain Mind

You will become more mindful on a yoga retreat and you will actually meditate! With less distractions and more free time you will experience the benefits of meditation with like minded people.

5. Relax and Refine

Choosing an organised yoga retreat holiday allows you to relax back and detangle while ALL your needs are met. You will be fed well with healthy food without having to give it a thought. You’ll be in a routine that supports a healthy lifestyle and may help you to break out of bad habits. With all this support you can focus more on you. Your needs your interests and doing more of what you love.

We love to learn new things. It’s in our nature to develop and grow. To evolve. So why not expand your mountain mind and your skills by searching for an organised yoga retreat teamed with your favorite outdoor pursuits such as hiking, painting, photography, skiing, boarding, climbing, biking, running etc.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for get in touch – happy to help you source your perfect mountain yoga retreat.

6. Make New Friends

You may go on retreat with your buddies or you may go it alone. Either way you will be amongst like-minded people. Together with an immersion in mountain nature and Yoga on tap you can expect to expand your mountain mind and feel deep connection to your fellow retreaters. It’s so freeing to meet new people, experience new things and immerse ourselves into the moment.On retreat we create bonds with each other that will often last a lifetime.

7. Because you should!

If you’ve come this far and like what you’ve read, you are probably keen to make it a reality.

So why not go on a mountain yoga retreat. There are many on offer! Plan it, do it, love it!

It’s time to be assertive and put your needs first – because you are most definitely WORTH IT!

So what’s holding you back?

  • Often we operate under many roles and find ourselves too committed to take time out (parent, worker, leader, carer, housekeeper, teacher, animal owner, team member etc.) Perhaps we feel we’d be letting people down if we took ourselves away for a restorative break. But just imagine how those who rely on you will feel when you return a fresher lighter brighter version of you? They will feel good to! You will lift them with your new found energy and fresh perspective. Everyone’s a winner I say.

  • Perhaps your finances hold you back and holidays and travel are not in the budget. But we all have birthdays don’t we?…. put it out as your birthday wish ‘I want to go on a yoga retreat’. Share that with your friends and family and maybe instead of buying you gifts they can help you to make it a future reality.

  • Perhaps you don’t have the time. Yoga gives us space so that our relationship with time becomes more balanced. Do yoga and then decide. Do you really not have time to look out for yourself? to look after yourself? Perhaps now’s not the right time but keep it on the radar and slot it in at the perfect time.

  • If you really really do not have the time to go on a yoga retreat, permit yourself some time-out in nature – visit the hills, forests, lakes, rivers or the sea. Look around and take it all in with all your senses.Turn off you phone, practice breathing techniques and stillness amongst nature and gift yourself some retreat time of your own with mountains on your mind.

If you like to organise a yoga retreat in the Spanish mountains please contact Elliot at info@rusticretreats.eu.

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