Chakra, Hatha and Pure Yoga retreat August 2017

Namaste Yogis and Yoginis,

I am really looking forward to joining you at Rustic Retreats to lead two chakra awareness yoga retreats, beginning at the end of this month. Bagend is always a perfect place to unwind and catch up with yourself and seems to attract a lovely and open group of students. Often starting out as strangers at the beginning of the week, as we move and grow in harmony together, we usually end up feeling like one close family by the end… which often is actually the start of a powerful new beginning. It is my pleasure to be a witness to the powerful transformation that often takes place, within each individual student and in the group as a whole.

During this retreat we will focus on one of the major chakras each day and using movement, breath, sound, intention and focused awareness we will activate and balance these energy centres from the root (muladhara) all the way up to the crown (sahasrara/the 1000 petalled lotus) The result of this awakening is a shift and expansion of our consciousness as well as the welcome side effects of more vibrant physical, mental and emotional health and well being.

We will use our deepening chakra awareness to help us ascend the limbs of the Astanga yoga tree (Patanjalis yoga sutras)… through Yama, nyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi, we will melt into this natural reality as deeply as we are prepared to go… enjoying the fruits of our commitment to our practice.

We will practice traditional Hatha yoga (including Surya namaskar) together as we watch the sun rise over the surrounding, stunning landscape from our mountain platform… Pure yoga (as taught by Swami Purohit) in the afternoons. Swami Purohit is a true Himalayan master of many yoga paths who I have been blessed with as my main teacher and guide on my yoga journey over the last 9 years… Although I have been practicing much longer, his influence continues to greatly transform my yoga and life in all areas… We will immerse ourselves in rejuvenating, yoga Nidra practice as well as guided and silent meditation together, recharging our batteries and releasing old, outdated conditioning patterns as we unite body, mind and soul.

There will be a variety of workshops on offer to complement our yoga process which I hope will be fun and benefit us all in many ways.

I am really exited about sharing this journey with you, hoping for us to also enjoy some quality time by the pool, hiking and savouring Elliot’s energising home cooked meals together.

The holiday will be suitable for beginners as well as advanced yoga students and I find that type of variety adds a richness to our work which tends to benefit everyone. We can all learn so much from each other, regardless of age or any other imagined differences.

My chosen daily, self practice is Pure yoga and meditation, as instructed by Swami Purohit and I also benefit greatly from the association of other amazing, enlightened yoga masters, including Sri Barfani Dadaji.

I hope to see you soon…

Namaste, Leonie x

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