Nature, the five elements and you! at the home of yoga in Southern Spain.

Nature, the five elements and you! at the home of yoga in Southern Spain.

Yoga and ayurveda are both Vedic schools of philosophy that view the world and the whole universe as an integrated entity made up of five fundamental elements called the pancha mahabhutas. The ancient systems of healing teach us that we are composed of the same cosmic elements found in nature, that we are subject to their energetic principles throughout our lives and that when we die our bodies dissolve into these elements restoring the balance and cycle of life.

Prithvi (earth), jala (water), agni (fire), vaayu (air) and akasha (ether) in various combinations make up our biological, psychological and emotional being (prakriti).Our mental prakriti (mansika) is based on three states of mind or gunas; sattva, rajas and tamas. All yogic practices have been developed to create sattva in the mind; a state of harmony and balance.

Our physical prakriti (sareerika) is made up of three life forces or doshas; vata, pitta and kapha. Each dosha has its own characteristics, is made up of two of the five elements and controls a specific body function. Depending on many things such as our genetics, diet and lifestyle they exist in varying proportions. Imbalances are often present and can be identified by symptoms that we may be feeling.

For example, if we have too much pitta (fire and water) then we may experience heartburn, irritability or hypertension.

It sounds complicated but it is not, the way I see it is that the universe, which we are part of, is created and evolves through an interplay of the five elements and when there is balance there is peace and tranquility. Understanding how the elements influence our own body and mind helps us along the path towards contentment, purity and bliss.

On this retreat we will explore nature’s five elements and learn how to connect to them both on our yoga mats and within our daily lives. Yoga, like life, is a constant dance. When we connect to our true nature we can move through the ups and downs gracefully, we can flow freely and still remain grounded.

Rustic Retreats for me is one of my favourite places in the whole world and is truly the best place to remove yourself from the fast pace and distractions of modern life. It’s off-grid and in the glorious mountains of Spain so truly there is no better place to connect with Mother Earth and discover the nature in you.

OM peace.

See you soon love Anna xxx

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