Chakra Yoga retreat July 2017 ​

July 2017 Retreat

Namaste from wonderful London. I am incredibly excited to be returning to Rustic Retreats for my fourth time. Rustic Retreats is a truly magical and inspiring place, with a beautiful energy and vibe incomparable to anywhere else in the world I have ever visited. It is quite simply the ideal place to reconnect with nature and the elements surrounding us on a deeper level. The first time I taught at Rustic Retreats was in October 2014 and instantly I was inspired by the sanctuary that Elliot has created. I knew straight away that Bagend was a place where real transformation could take place, where magic could happen and where people could feel free to explore yoga on and off the mat, to be vulnerable, to be open, to let go.

I am so excited to share a journey through the chakras and the intention of the retreat is to create a safe, nourishing space where we can all explore yoga, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. A space where we can reconnect with our bodies, with our breath, dissolving away tension and letting go of anything which is no longer serving us. I am passionate that you get to experience the joy of yoga, as I truly believe that yoga can be life changing and deeply healing. Each class during the retreat will be taught with the intention of creating a moving meditation, bringing our focus and awareness to the breath, the element of air. We will use the breath to create heat within the body, the element of fire, while flowing freely through different sequences of asanas. Moving freely and fluidly as if moving through the element of water, while maintaining our strong and secure connection to Mother Earth, the ground beneath our feet, the provider, the creator and sustainer.

Each day of the Chakra yoga retreat will begin with a flowing, dynamic asana practice where we connect deeply with and honor the elements surrounding us, exploring moving in a playful and free way as the sun gently warms us. Many people come to a physical yoga practice and they feel worried that it will be all about contorting the body into increasingly difficult postures. However I feel that it is more about releasing, letting go of thought, of expectation and allowing yourself to open up to life as it is. Your asana practice should feel good and allow you to reach a place where you focus on internal feelings and sensations as your guide. We will work on opening the mind and senses, listening to the breath. We will close each day of the retreat with a deeply relaxing, meditative Yin yoga practice and guided meditation as the sun sets over the beautiful mountains of Bagend!

Our workshops will be a combination of meditation, deeper physical asana exploration, chanting and pranayama techniques, all set against the incredible Spanish countryside backdrop of fragrant lemon trees, clear blue skies during the day and twinkling starry skies at night.

May the sun bring you new energy by day,

May the moon softly restore you by the night,

May the rain wash away your worries,

May the breeze blow new strength into your being,

May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life

- Apache Blessing

And here are a few articles which I have used as inspiration for planning the retreat;

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Here is a link to my instagram page;

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