Revitalising yoga retreat June 2017

Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice: it has the ability to transform both our inner and outer worlds. However in order for this to happen we need to give ourselves time and space. We need to accept ourselves as we are, in all our uniqueness and glory, the good points and the bad: then we can be open to the remarkable tools yoga offers us to transform.

My first retreat teaching at Rustic Retreats was over New Years 2014/15. I flew out of a rainy UK and was met by sunshine, clear air, starry skies and the magical haven Elliot has created at Bagend. At the time, as well as teaching yoga, I was also working in an office job, experiencing the daily London grind, constantly busy, running from one thing to another. Today after a period of rapid transformation (supported by regular weeks at Rustic Retreats) I am living 40 minutes north of Alicante living the dream of teaching yoga full time, whilst at the same time writing, gardening, hiking and enjoying the stunning natural environment here in Southern Spain.

My own experience and seeing countless students embark on transformative journeys from the safety of Rustic Retreats, has given me a unique insight into what makes a revitalizing yoga retreat and how we use our practice to find more freedom.

To feel nurtured and be able to unfold our wings we need to feel secure and have space and time. On the retreat we will explore how we can protect ourselves in our asana practice with a particular focus on vulnerable areas of the body including knees, lower backs etc. From a basis of safety we will celebrate our own uniqueness and play with reconnecting with natural spacious movements.

Many yoga practitioners have a limited of knowledge of yoga beyond the physical practice. Our asana practice is only one of 8 limbs of yoga. In this creative workshop we will explore how other limbs of yoga can help us with our transformative journey. We will discuss what they mean to us, and how we can use these to make simple changes to help us live more authentically.

Pranayama or breath work is about how we can protect and nurture our life energy. Tight clothes, stress, breath holding and hyperventilation are all modern enemies of the breath. In this workshop we will learn to make friends with our breath, and tap in to how we can use it to ease and help with our journeys.

Stress is one of the things that can hold us back from making the transformations we need. How many times have your heard someone say ‘I’ll start taking care of myself better, as soon as I’ve …’Yoga can teach us to change our perception to reduce stress. This retreat will make us realise our time is now, and our health and wellbeing should be number one priority.

Your Rustic Retreats journey will be supported by meditation techniques to enable you to go deeper into your world. Twice daily creative yoga asana classes will help you build strength, flexibility and physical confidence. Nurturing food, walks, lounging by the pool or in a hammock amongst the trees, reading a book, dinner under the stars, making friends, laughing and letting go. You can do as much or as little you like at Rustic Retreats. This is your week to re-energize, enliven your yoga practice and your life.

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