Vinyasa Yoga retreat May 2017

The weather momentarily still seems to be somewhat indecisive about what it wants but we can undeniably sense the air warming and the sun preparing for its highest energetic season of the year. The sun stands for youth, energy and power. Already Hafiz put into words in the 14th century:

‘Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth: ‘’You owe me.”

Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.’

We intend to connect our Yoga practice to this abundant energy of the sun and get empowered by it each day anew. In accordance with the sun, we feel our own energy increasing approaching summer. We as a creation of nature and as all other earthly life, are nourished by the sun in our growth and flourishing, especially in this phase of the year. So we will use this powerful support to build up heat and strength and boost our internal energies simultaneously.

Equally as the sun rises, shines, sets and stays down, we will take our practice, starting each day with our morning meditation, a following energetic yoga practice, diverse workshops focusing on different aspects and levels of energy and a soothing evening practice, ending each day with a final meditation, mindfulness or Yoga Nidra practice before eventually coming to rest, re-energizing for the next day.

We will go on an exploration of our distinctive physical, mental and emotional energies, different from day to day, just as the sun, differing in its occurrence and intensity, and we will learn more about our energies and how we can easily activate and ease them.

For this purpose, the workshops help us understand the aspects of rapid energetic activation, augmentation and general building of internal heat, stamina and strength by for example the practice of sun salutations and their variations, inversions, and on the contrary, to alleviate our energetic condition, by practicing meditation, mindfulness and autogenous training techniques.

At the end of the Retreat we will feel empowered and invigorated for blossoming in our most beautiful flower revealing its brightest and most unique colors in summer, the most diverse season of the year.

If you feel like already getting prepared for our shared journey, you can get inspired by going on a small exploration seeking information, expression in philosophy, poetry, imaging, movement dedicated to the sun and you will get excited about what you might track :)

I am much looking forward to meeting you very soon at Rustic Retreats and to sharing a beautiful journey together rising some brightly shining energies! :)



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