Chakra and yoga retreat May 2017

A journey through the Chakras

Namaste from the French Alps!

Spring has definitely sprung over here. So refreshing to see all the vibrant colours bursting through. The sun is hot now and the snow is melting fast. Makes me so excited to charge up and tune in. Now we have fully transitioned into this lively time of new beginnings, growth and expansion, it’s time to cultivate our plans that have been brewing during the slower winter months and find direction, new projects, new ideas and most of all a refreshing yoga practice that stimulates, detoxifies and supports your digestion for spring.

Bourg St Maurice is such a cool community of mountain lovers from all over the world. My husband, daughter and I are very blessed to have had this opportunity to be immersed in this humble, quiet mountain town where we met 5 years ago.

I have been so inspired living in the mountains for the last 6 months and the mountain energy has empowered me in so many ways. Cooking, reading, yoga, learning French, retreat planning and just being with my awesome mountain family people. The retreat planning has evolved naturally and it's all coming together. I have been working closely with Rebecca Black from Balance Bec Yoga, founder of Snowga Yoga in the Alps. When I 1st qualified in 2012 she took me under her wing and has taught me so much about seasonal energy and how to implement this knowledge to get the most out of our yoga practice and daily life.

From the beaches of the east coast of Australia to the epic French Alps we have been on an amazing adventure. Next stop Rustic Retreats!

A journey through the chakras will be invigorating and inspiring. This chakra retreat will awaken, heal and nourish your spiritual journey, transcending the physical and emotional energy within the body to feel complete and whole exactly as you are.

With the focus on the 7 main chakras each day we will build on prior knowledge from our physical practice, meditation sessions and workshops so our individual experiences will reveal where we might be holding on or where we might be needing to let go.

Working with colour, essential oils, music and affirmations your journey will be transformational and I’m sure your self discovery will inspire you to integrate a more balanced life. Prepare for your Chakra adventure by taking a few minutes to do a simple Chakra test online to learn more about your energy centres before you arrive.

Focusing on a dynamic vinyasa flow style that works with the meridian lines of the gall bladder and the liver all classes are beginner friendly. I often refer to Melina Meza’s ideas based on her seasonal yoga classes and retreats for ideas and inspiration. Check out her blog for some good reading about self care and immune health.

Having taught at Rustic Retreats back in 2014 we are so excited to be coming back to our Spanish home and see all the new updates Elliot and his wonderful team have been creating.

Follow me on instagram and we will see you soon!

Namaste x

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