Therapeutic yoga retreat: Learning to heal ourselves

Namaste! As nature awakens into spring time we are supported by opportunities of transformation, healing and waking up to the ever present harmony that exists inside and around us.

"Om Namah Shivaya" The common greeting spoken at the location where I am now in Kerala, South India, at Amritapuri ashram. It's said with the intention of meaning, "may we have the strength of Shiva (Hindu Lord) to destroy our egos which may get in the way of us meeting each other at the heart." You hear this in almost every daily encounter here, even at the chai shop or coconut stand. I'm still struck with awe as I hear this being said to me. It makes me pause to remember what all of us are really here to exchange - beyond the words, tea or money - but divine connection in this precious moment that we share in being alive.

Retreat opens opportunities to remind us of our shared true nature. Every living being (including ourselves) wants the exact same things just in different forms; Happiness, love and less pain. The coming retreat will offer us the space to step out of our habitual patterns and routine ways of being and relating to our mind and body and allow us to explore, play, re-invent and essentially connect closer to clarity of experience within these precious moments of being alive.

The practice always starts by diving into awareness of life as it is with a view-point of deep compassion and developing understanding for the true nature of the being within our own skin.

At Rustic Retreats we will be living close to the earth and through yoga we will come a little bit closer to knowing ourselves and those around us. May we come together to realize the unity within our being and the unity that exists within all of life.

Enjoy each and every moment wherever you are as life quickly springs into beauty around you!

If you would like to prepare for the retreat you could read about "Falling in love with where you are" or "The places that scare you". You can also follow Sacha Bryce on Instagram and get inspired.

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