I am so pleased to announce as of the 28th December 2016,

we will only use biodegradable,organic,vegan bathroom & kitchen products at

Rustic Retreats.

This means all our grey water waste can go straight back onto the land, which of course means more lovely homegrown veg in the Bagend garden.

You can bring your own organic bathroom products to your yoga holiday or you can purchase them from our little shop in 100 ml bottles.

Here's what's available at Bagend

Conditioner by Urtekram from Denmark

Shower gel by Avril-Organics from France

shampoo by Biolu from Italy

Clothe washing soap by Lagarto from Spain

We make our own hand soap, washing up liquid & cleaning products

The story about Urtekram

Once upon a time… This is how all great stories used to start a long time ago. Including ours, which started in 1972. In a time when pioneer spirit, a sense of community and awareness of the environment were starting to appear. When organic food was still in the beginning stages, when coffee from developing countries had not even dreamed of the fact that it would be renamed fair trade and when all this was an idealistic matter of the heart to a few people. But to Urtekram's founders, Lisbeth Damsgaard and Ronnie McGrail, this time became the beginning of a journey that was going to make Denmark much greener and more aware. Lisbeth Damsgaard and Ronnie McGrail started this journey with a small herb merchant shop in urban Copenhagen. Here, they sold a little bit of everything, but all of it with emphasis on the natural, simple and pure life style. The entrepreneur spirit quickly seized the two organic pioneers, and soon, the shop has been replaced by the founding of the company Urtekram. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Urtekram and the organic concept in general moved slowly and steadily towards a knowledge that spread beyond the very closed, small circle of former eco enthusiasts. "The greens", as they were also called back then. In the beginning of the 1990s, a development that helped speed up the penetration of organic products really took off, particularly in larger Danish towns. And Urtekram was in the lead when Coop decided that organic products should really be mainstream. Today, our products are sold in pretty much all supermarkets and health food shops. In some places with an enormous selection spread out across many metres in the shops, in other places as a nice, little selection with a few, well-chosen products.

We have actually grown significantly in recent years. And growth is a goal to us. Because, the more organic products we develop and sell, the more good we can do with regard to the environment, health and responsible food production. Therefore, we have for example built a new large warehouse close to the motorway E45 in Hobro, meaning that the connection between us and the shops has now moved even closer and the environmental impact has been minimised. Moreover, we are still maintaining our goal of developing between 80 and 100 new products each year and of not forgetting the consequences of the impact we make on the environment throughout all links from production and transport to packaging and ingredients. In fact, all the way down to the waste bins from our organic canteen in Mariager, where we now reuse the organic food waste for compost. The pioneer spirit still permeates everything that we do. We have always fought for a sustainable world and for products that live up to our points of view. And we will keep doing that. Even though we are now much bigger than back in 1972, when it all began, the innovation, commitment and passion is still the same.

The story of Avril Organics

Avril was launched in April 2012. Our mission is to make organic cosmetics affordable for everybody. Avril has 4 main values: quality, ecology, price and service.


We are very demanding about quality: colours are intense, textures are comfortable, fragrances are fresh and delicate, and products have a long lasting finish!

Each product is subject to strict quality controls: safety testing, stability and compatibility studies, control of raw materials and finished products, identification and traceability batches ... All these controls ensure product stability and the best tolerance.


Whenever possible we reduce packaging: we remove all unnecessary packaging, and we prefer large packs in order to use less plastic. This results in less waste and lighter weight to reduce our environmental impact in transportation.

In addition our organic range is certified by an independent label, Ecocert. It guarantees that at least 95% of the total ingredients are natural or from natural origin, and minimum 10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

And lastly, in accordance with European regulations, we do no animal testing, whether for raw materials or for finished products.

The story of Biolu

Biolù is a trademark of Nivel Ltd, a company founded in Lucca in 1981 by Alessandro Simi, for the production of soaps and detergents for personal care and home. In 2007 the management has passed to the three children who have converted all plants Eco-Organic Productions and vegan certified, in order to make the ecological and sustainable activities for humans, animals and the environment. Since 2009 Nivel is also cosmetic laboratory accredited to the Ministry of Health.

Living life in a "sustainable" is a choice made of everyday gestures. With the disposal of conventional production, we actively contribute to reducing pollution from plastic and petrochemical agents. We produce products "clean" and sustainable and we guarantee them with Organic Certification issued by the External Control Bodies, according to the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture disciplinary rigid - AIAB. We recognize the value of life and do not cause suffering to any living being. We do not experience on animals and do not use products or animal derivatives. We VeganOK certificates. Our social commitment is addressed in particular to the marine environment. We support Tethys, non-profit and research institution, which operates in the Mediterranean Sea to study and protect whales, dolphins and the ecosystem of the Cetacean Sanctuary.

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