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Sage & it's Benefits

December 13, 2016


This year we had a yet another great Sage harvest in the Bagend kitchen garden, which made me think to investigate the use's it had other than in the kitchen..... you will be amazed!!!!!

Salvia, is from the Latin salvare, to save, or to be well. Sage was a sacred ceremonial herb of the Romans and was associated with immortality, and was also said to increase mental capacity. The Greek Theophrastus classified sage as a "coronary herb", because it flushed disease from the body, easing any undue strain on the heart. In the middle ages, people drank sage tea to treat colds, fevers, liver trouble, epilepsy, memory loss and many other common ailments. Sage was held to be a major medical herb by the French, because of it's anti-bacterial properties. 



Sage has also been used as a beauty aid. Early Greeks drank, applied or bathed in sage tea. Turkish women used sage as a natural hair dye for gray hair, and it still recommended for use in dark hair.



There is an old Arab belief that if your sage grows well you will live a long time. During the fourteenth century, three leaves a day were to be eaten to avoid the 'evil air'. Sage was also a favorite of the Hungarian gypsies, they believed that it attracted good and dispelled evil.

Chia, Salvia hispanica was referred to as "Indian Running Food" by the Apache and Aztec warriors who sustained themselves while on conquests and hunting.


This herb grows to a height of a foot or more. It has greyish green lance shaped leaves with a silvery bloom and prominent vein running throughout. The flowers are generally blue, purple, pink or white in color with a pleasant aroma. They mostly blossom in August. In fact, all parts of the plant have a strong odor and a warm and somewhat bitter flavor due to the presence of volatile oils in its tissues.  Sage infusions will definitely be available at all our yoga holidays at Rustic Retreats in 2017