Our yoga teachers

All our courses at the retreat are taught by highly experienced yoga teachers, with unique backgrounds, histories and specialisations.

Together, they can work to help you improve your practise, connect with your inner self and find stability and balance. Read on to find out a bit more about some of our teachers.

​Lucy Abel

Lucy is from Norfolk, UK and trained in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda in Spain in 2017 (Yoga Alliance Certified) and Swedish Full Body Massage. She uses elements from her training in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda to aid restoring the body safely and creating deep relaxation and harmony. Her passion is to share the gift of yoga and help people use it to express themselves and find their happiness and balance.


For the last 7 years Lucy has taught in Schools as a Primary School Teacher and collaborated with a variety of organisations locally and internationally on various creative projects to promote wellbeing. She has taught in Sakti Yoga Studio in Frankfurt, Germany and created sessions and events for all; children, teens, families, special needs and the elderly in Health Centres and in the community in Norfolk, UK.   She has shared yoga at private cooperate events and creates personalised sequences for clients in 1:1 sessions. Her passion is creating retreats in the wild, such as Yoga + Fire in the Woods to celebrate the Equinoxes and Solstices and Escape to the Country Eco Glamping Yoga Retreats.


She supports each student on their journey and ensures variations and adaptions for injuries, health conditions and physical limitations. Creating challenging and fun dynamic flows that enable you to connect movement with the breath and creates space for you to have your own experience and explore your awareness. Her programmes are suitable for beginners to advanced due to their positive, relaxed, welcoming, friendly nature. She creates gentle flows, with elements of relaxation and strengthening too catering for all abilities. She works with the Indian Vedic Health system that recognises the health states Pitta, Kapha, Vata, and balancing them through postures, breathing, everything, even down to what we eat.  

Michelle Williamson

My first experience with yoga was when I was training as a professional dancer. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by teachers hugely interested in mindful movement and began absorbing the benefits from then on. Whether it was using yoga as a tool to combat nerves and anxiety in this highly competitive world I was in or using asanas and meditation to work through injuries, it was always there, always accessible. This is what I love the most about yoga and what I try to extend out to others, yoga is for everyone, everybody and your mat is always there.

I qualified as an Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher after studying at Nirvana yoga shala in Mysore, India two years ago after teaching and performing dance for over ten years. I have been teaching in different places in England ever since. I teach a variety of styles: vinyasa flow, ashtanga, yin yang flows, but my passion is a fusion of ashtanga vinyasa. I like how creative and free I can be with the flows and like to explore different ways to move and shift the postures. Ashtanga is my foundation, the base of my practice just like my ballet training is the foundation of all the dance styles I trained in. A strong, dynamic practice, where every day is different, your body and cells changing each day, learning not to judge and to let go.

Anna Hildreth

My name is Anna, I am a certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher and a neuro-physiotherapist. I’ve spent a lot of time in India practising yoga with Hatha and Ashtanga masters.

I trained with Frog Lotus Yoga International and since then I have been offering well-structured, dynamic and playful Vinyasa Flow classes which I believe have the best balance of Indian traditions with the Western world’s demands; namely ‘the exercise part’!

As a physiotherapist I also have an interest in the therapeutic benefits of yoga and my background places me in a fantastic position to guide those with disabilities and injuries through their practice. I have been a practising physiotherapist since 2007. Helping people learn about their bodies, discover its capabilities and breakthrough barriers has been and always will be my passion.

Alison Hawkins

I have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years, at first just in they gym as part of my regular fitness program but Yoga slowly became more and more important to me and I completed my first teacher training in 1999.

I have spent some time time in Mysore, India practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa with Sheshadri, and also back bending with Venkatesh. I believe that continuing study is very important to my teaching and my personal practice so I continue to study with senior teachers including: Simon Low (Yin Yang Yoga), Jonas Westring (Anusara), Paddy McGrath (Dancing Spine), and Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff.

I have lived for many years in Asia with my husband running our own Yoga studios teaching drop-in classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training's. During our last year in Asia we trained a group of young Cambodians sponsored by the AZAHAR Foundation to be Yoga teachers and they are now running a successful Yoga studio as well as some outreach programs in the local community.

My main teaching styles are Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, and Aerial Yoga. My focus being long term functional movement and overall fitness, making Yoga accessible to all body types within an empowering experience. I believe that Yoga can be enjoyable and beneficial to everyone and I endeavour to make all of my classes fully inclusive and accessible. Beginners will not be left behind and the stronger and more flexible among you will still be given a challenge.

I will be bringing one of my Aerial Yoga swings with me and hope to find a good place to hang it so we can all have a play with it and be able to experience being fully up-side-down without any strain or fear.

Bregje Prins

I’m a yoga teacher and humanitarian worker and have been studying Yoga and Alexander Technique for the last 13 years. I gained my 200 and 300 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certificates in 2015 and have been teaching group classes, private classes and various retreats since then. I have been taking contemporary dance classes at the professional level for the last 10 years.

I became acquainted with yoga many years ago as it was part of my contemporary dance training. Slowly I started to get more and more drawn to the yoga practice, because it gave me tranquility and peace of mind. In 2015 I decided to do both my 200 and 300 hours Teacher Training in traditional Hatha yoga.  Nowadays my teachings are a combination of hatha and (slow) Vinyasa. I would describe my style of teaching as down- to-earth, with much emphasis on correct alignment and safety. I have been practicing Alexander Technique for thirteen years now and I naturally incorporate my knowledge of the Alexander Technique in my classes, making use of the “directions” of the technique in order to improve students’ alignment

Jenny Mace

At first, I loved that yoga was so soft and gentle, and I still do. However, as I gained my mental and emotional strength and increasingly made yoga my number one priority, I began to reap the benefits from Ashtanga, Flow Yoga, Bikram and Hot Flow as well as from practicing in different environments including retreats, studios, beaches, parks, Ashrams and at home.


Yoga is my rock, roots and foundation in life, offering me a firm steady base from which to branch out into life, reaching out to help others and make a difference in this crazy world where so many beings suffer in a variety of ways. Yoga invigorates me, helps me feel whole and helps me to continue on in the most optimal and compassionate way I can. I see yoga as a healing, expressive and releasing art which offers a guiding hand through all matters in life – it takes care of us in all imaginable ways if we can just let it and helps those around us too.


My yoga practice is further complemented by my love of singing and dance and of course I intertwine the spirit of yoga into these too. 


I offer a mixture of holistic Hatha, Flow and Restorative Yoga sessions which seamlessly weave together aspects of the mind, body, soul and heart – the perfect mixture for a retreat experience. I endeavour to provide that extra touch in my teaching and go that extra mile for my clients.There’ll be the opportunity to work yourself as hard as you’re able to and to meet your own individual edge, but all-importantly in tandem with feeling exceedingly pampered and deeply relaxed too. I feel immensely honoured and grateful to be your Retreat Leader at the astounding and oh-so-dedicated Rustic Retreats – together, let’s dare to explore!

Margot Malin

Margot is from Estonia, it’s north from most things. She was brought up walking barefoot through the forest towards the beach in the summer and jumping naked into icy rivers after a sauna during winter. Not much has changed from that. Since a young age she has been expressing herself through movement of body through dance and fitness. After starting to discover the World and moving to London, she gained interest in yoga, hunting to discover something new. “It looked fun, it felt good, it was simple and powerful, and available for everyone.” Soon morning Ashtanga Mysore classes became her daily ritual.


She felt like she started to scratch the surface and wanted to dig deeper, so she travelled to Bali for the first training for Ashtanga method and Yin Yoga.  This was where she discovered the journey of movement and stillness. Life is a consistent chase to find balance between stillness and movement.


She is continuously curious to expand her knowledge, especially through the Ashtanga method and Yin yoga, from teachers all over the world.  She regularly travels to London, Bali, India - the Motherland - to learn, to train and to be forever curious about the wild layers of human experience.


Margot says   “Though I am full of gratitude to the incredible teachers, from whom I have had the luck to learn from, the best teacher is the experience itself.”  


Yoga is only one tool for life - for strength, compassion, balance, happiness, change, acceptance, kindness, it is all that you need and it is all within.

Joy Von Winckelmann

I started as a dancer and singer then trained as a teacher and during my work as a dance teacher I started practicing yoga. Love at first sight! Originally because of the physical workouts, but soon I realized the full potential of Yoga. It set my mind at ease. No longer was I rushing through the world.


I wanted to know more about this beautiful thing and the effects it had on my body and my mind.


I finished my Yoga Teacher training in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Meditation and Pranayama in January 2017. Practicing Yoga has helped me to stay true to myself and I wish to share my knowledge so I can show people it is worthwhile to get to know yourself and to love yourself.

Katie O'Byrne


I did my very first Yoga class 16 years ago, I didn’t know much about the practice only that it made me feel good.   For years, Yoga was just something I did as a hobby every now and again.   Eight years ago it all started to change, slowly. So slow I barely noticed my whole life being turned upside down.  It was no coincidence that while all these changes were happening, I had started a more dedicated yoga practice and everything I was learning on the mat, had started to seep out into my life, without me even noticing!


In 2016 I decided it was time for more change, so I decided to travel to Rishikesh YogPeethin Northern India, where I received my Hatha Yoga Teaching Certificate.  I immediately started to share what I had learned by teaching classes and I now teach Yoga full time in Dublin to a whole range of students. I love to incorporate dynamic movement and challenging stillness into my classes, for me everything is about balance.


I also have a keen interest in the ancient Indian Chakra System.    I have explored myself, from the inside out, and discovered many different things about myself which has allowed me to know and express myself fearlessly.   It’s a pleasure to be able to share knowledge that has helped me in my life and during our week together, I will show you how to get to know yourself on a deeper energetic level, by exploring yourself as a human and a spiritual being.


While this all sounds so serious, and intense, my aim is to bring a sense of fun and lots of laughter and playfulness to this retreat;   After all, Yoga is fun, if it wasn’t, why would so many people around the world do it. So whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned practitioner you will be able to enjoy a feeling of cheerfulness and bliss during and after each class, all while absorbing and taking what you need from each lesson.

Lara Kuhlmann


My Yoga journey began in a subtle way, practising Yoga without explicitly knowing it was ‘Yoga’.   


During the years of my first amateur and then professional education as a dancer, I got to learn about  different styles and variations of Yoga, either involved in my dance training or also ‘titled’ as ‘Yoga’ as a complementary subject within my schedule.


Over the years I got to notice that whenever it came to using Yoga elements, I magically started to feel calmed, at ease, connecting to my body and mind and coming to peace with myself, which I often had a hard time with within my busy and ambitious dance education.


In this way Yoga more and more became my nourishing ground, accompanying my daily dance training, a powerful tool to prepare my body and mind for performances and a realm of relaxation and (re-) connection with my body, mind and eventually soul.


This is what made me set off researching further into more styles of Yoga by myself and establishing my Yoga and meditation practice as my own way to soothe my active, otherwise never-resting mind, to strengthen and balance my body and to empower myself in many aspects of my life, while increasing my overall perception of happiness. Having found this for myself, I love to support and encourage my students in their own personal journey, different and unique for every one of us. This is what makes Yoga; it is for everyone, regardless of age, background and experience, we just need to find our personal relation with it.


Since becoming a ‘Hot’, Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow teacher in 2016, started sharing my passion for Yoga with more and more Yogi, finding joy in inspiring and empowering them by sharing my understanding, knowledge and passion for movement in connection with our mind and soul.


Momentarily I am following my Yogic and dance path staying true to both of my passions;  continuing to dance next to teaching Vinyasa /Flow, Hatha, Yin and Aerial Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Pilates and Pilates Barre in both indoor and outdoor spaces.   I am constantly inspired by sharing my findings about what our body and mind are capable of doing and enjoy seeing my students starting or continuing their own investigation.


The base of my inspiration and teaching is influenced by my background of dance and the principles of movement learned from dancing and I love incorporating them in my classes using fusions of yoga, dance and pilates elements.


My style of teaching is very dynamic, encouraging, open, and explorative. I like the reciprocal exchange of new (or ‘old’) findings, the sharing and following of a practice all together and the unison which can exist;  a common sense and state comparable to a feeling of ‘magic’.

Dina Rimareva


I can’t imagine my life without yoga – there is barely any day I take a break from my practice. Since 2005 it has become my passion and it has been my elixir for feeling vitality and energy. My practice has also accompanied me when I needed to be strong through challenges and sorrows.


I’ve been teaching for nearly seven years now and have adjusted my lifestyle a great deal thanks to my practice: I switched to a healthier lifestyle, discovered a whole new world of beautiful mantras and new techniques to go through life more consciously.

After learning the basics of yoga from magazine photos, I knew I needed to know more and undertook teacher training in Kundalini Yoga in 2009 with Christine Michon in the Netherlands, and then Power Yoga training with Tonnie Goes in 2012.   Whereas Kundalini Yoga is very meditative, Flow (power) Yoga gives me the space to ground, challenge my physical limits, become stronger and more flexible. The more I have learnt from other teachers, I discovered a whole playground of asanas, flow and breathing techniques.   I always strive to approach my students with kindness and respect and help them at whatever level they currently are in their practice.


Coming to Spain in 2014 marked a new period of my professional and spiritual growth.  I completed training in Shamanic Practices, OSHO Active Meditations and Biodanza and am now learning more about art-therapy.   I approach my sessions more and more intuitively, blending different techniques to help others feel more connected with their center and with others, opening their hearts and allowing the space to feel, laugh, cry, feel their power and joy of simply being alive.

Oskar Nery

My interest in yoga and meditation started in the late 1960s when my mother had me practice Hatha Yoga with her when I got home from school. By the mid 1990s I was introduced to Astanga Vinyasa (Mysore) by a friend who knew I practiced yoga and meditation. Astanga Vinyasa was a wonderful practice for me for very many years, a deep love. I even qualified as a teacher after some time. Although Astanga Vinyasa remained my main practice I continued to explore other practice techniques and styles determined to keep an open mind and the learning process unhindered and alive.

I studied with different teachers from India, SE Asia, Australia, America and Europe, exploring the different aspects of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy & History. I paid special attention to the study of Physiology and Anatomy, particularly for movement and rehabilitation after injury.

I also studied Sports & Remedial Massage, Thai Massage, Chavutti Thirumal (Indian Rope massage from Kerala), level 1&2 Reiki. I attended more Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops. Finally, taking Yoga Therapy Training over a 4 year period taught by students of the late Krishnamacharya (who developed the Astanga Vinyasa System I loved so much).

This method is called Svastha Yoga, taught by the Mohan family, who are from Chennai India, but teach all over the world.

Living in Asia in both Hindu and Buddhist countries allowed for an authentic learning experience to practice Mediation and Yoga within cultures that these practices come from and are part of daily life and culture. I spent time in Mysore (India) practicing Astanga Vinyasa, then practicing Vipassana with monks in Pagodas (temples) in Northern Thailand. I was fortunate to have regular Meditation teaching from a number of western Buddhist Nuns whilst living in Cambodia.

I also taught massage & physiology and anatomy to young massage therapists working in spas. I volunteered with a Cambodian Buddhist NGO visiting patients in government hospitals to give Reiki and massage to patients on HIV & TB wards. At our yoga studios I taught public classes and a large amount of private classes, many of my private clients came to me for a more personalised and therapeutic approach to their yoga practice to help to recover from injury, ill health or to help manage stress, PTSD, and other similar issues. Many of my private clients worked for the UN, large International Aid organisations and Government.

All of these experiences have impacted hugely on my understanding of Yoga as a global cultural phenomenon. The biggest positive being that we keep the ideas of compassion and kindness at the forefront of any activity and practice, this is the magic to keep us healthy as a whole, perhaps influencing others to do the same by example, eventually the world around us will change for the best.

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