Find your Magic

July 2020

Vinyasa flow inspired by both Ashtanga & Forrest, yin yoga retreat

13 -19 July & 20-26 July 2020

Connect with your inner light,

find your magic and nurture some self-love. Surround yourself with gorgeous mountain energy, daily soul-nourishing yoga, mindfulness, meditation, rest and reflection, plus plenty more.

Price per person

Vinyasa flow & yin yoga retreat for July  2020 costs from  €479 per person, including all meals, yoga, workshops & equipment. Not including flights or transfers.


Reserve your place today with just €140 deposit.

This retreat is designed for beginners to advanced levels

Twice daily yoga practice on our stunning mountain-side platform
Daily meditations, yoga nidra or pranayama practice
Delicious, nourishing, vegetarian/vegan  menu prepared by your chef
Fascinating daily workshops

Josie Maya

Hi! I am from Manchester in the UK. I love glitter, orca whales, dancing and human rights law, and of course yoga! I teach yoga because I believe it makes the world a better place. As people are given space to reconnect with themselves, they are able to connect more deeply to others and the world around them.


I have practiced yoga for the past 5 years. I always loved the way a class made me feel, but it was only after going through a tough year I slowly awakened to its healing, restorative and life-giving magic! I had never been a particularly active person, always preferring to curl up in the corner with a book, but yoga was different. So, I trained as a teacher to share this gorgeous thing I had found with others. Yoga gives space for a person to be completely and unapologetic-ally themselves whilst working towards a deeper understanding of who that is, having loads of fun along the way!

Emma our teaching assistant

I originally found yoga  years ago, it became a bigger and bigger part of my life. So in 2019  I took the challenge and trained as a teacher. As a teacher, my aim is to support encourage and inspire people to find the joy within through the gift of yoga. A gift too good not to share.  I can't wait to meet you all in the Spanish sunshine.

Style of Yoga to be taught

The morning practice will be a juicy Vinyasa flow inspired by both Ashtanga and Forrest yoga. Ashtanga brings a powerful and more traditional alignment focus to the flow. This strength is balanced by the playfulness of Forrest yoga which teaches people to listen to their body and brings freedom as you are encouraged to not be bound by the asana but to instead make it your own. There will be lots of props, laughter and nourishing assists from the yoga teacher - think neck and shoulder releases - helping people fall in love with the sensations of their own bodies.


The evening practice will be yin inspired: long, deep pose holds, mindful movement and meditations and lots of yummy poetry to help undo tension and bring peace.

Your Rustic Retreats journey

“You wander from room to room, hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck! - Rumi.

Each of us holds magic inside of us: an inner light that can transform our lives and the world around us. But in a society that constantly tells us we are not enough our magic can get hidden and forgotten and as we search for meaning in things outside of ourselves like money or relationships or a career, we can forget that everything we need is already within us.


Spend a week exploring your inner light and reconnecting with your magic through your yoga practice on and off the mat.

Daily timetable for yoga retreat

07.30 to 08.00  morning meditation

08.00 to 09.00 Beginners to intermediate yoga class

09.00 - 10.00 Intermediate to advanced yoga class 

 09.00 to 11.15 Breakfast buffet

11.00 free time

14.00 Lunch Buffet

15.00 Free time/ guided mountain hike 

16.00  Workshop (practical/theoretical) or free time

17.30 to 18.30 Beginners to intermediate yoga class

18.30 to 19.30 Intermediate to advanced yoga class

19.30 to 20.00 Meditation or Yoga Nidra

21.00 Evening meal/ entertainment 

(Please note, this is a sample timetable and may be subject to change.)


There will be one workshop a day, it may be in the morning or afternoon. 




Your workshop programme

Journal magic

This first workshop gives space for reflection as you begin your retreat journey. Writing brings us out of our heads and into a place where we can begin to make sense of our inner-being. Arriving at Bagend with all the parts of our lives swirling around us, this will be a time to take your first big breath and let everything settle, just as a snow-globe settles when we cease shaking it and let it be still. 

We are the mountains

Breathing in our Mother Earth we will walk slowly and mindfully through the beautiful landscape surrounding Bagend as a reminder that we are connected to everything around us. Once of the best ways to find our inner magic is to take the time to notice the magic that is always all around us.

 Find your yoga off the mat

“The place [the universe] calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet”. This workshop will help you find your place in the world as you think about what makes your soul come alive. We will be exploring our dharma from the understanding that our deepest passions often guide us to the exact place we are supposed to be. Come take a look back at your life through this workshop and see where the universe might be leading you.

Laugh your way upside-down

We are capable of so much more than we realise. Come explore your body and flip your perspective upside-down with an inversion workshop for all levels. The most exciting part of reaching a goal is the journey along the way: overcoming obstacles as you grow in confidence to try new things and have a good old laugh along the way.

Sankalpa & Yoga Nidra

A sankalpa or mantra is an intention we form in our heart and mind, something we want to flavour and guide our lives. In this workshop we will spend time creating a personal sankalpa and then move into yoga nidra. Yoga nidra or yogic sleep is a gorgeous practice that guides you into a deep state of relaxation. It is from this space of deep relaxation we bring our sankalpa and allow it to settle into our deepest being. Wake up feeling refreshed, nourished and aligned with your inner magic.

​About Bagend


We are sure you will love Bagend - from our fragrant orange groves, to our simple yet utterly peaceful accommodation in the heart of the Spanish countryside. Get in touch with us to ask any questions, find out more about our retreat or reserve your place now for just €140 deposit.

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