Embrace the Elements

19 -25 Aug & 27 Aug-2 Sept 2021

Hatha with a strong Ashtanga influence, yoga retreat

Explore your body & spirit,

through the five elements of nature. Using our natural environment to connect to each of the seven Chakras restoring balance.

Price per person

Hatha/Ashtanga yoga retreat for August/September  2021 costs €579 per person, including all meals, yoga, workshops & equipment. Not including flights or transfers.


Reserve your place today with just €140 deposit.

This retreat is designed for beginners to advanced levels

Twice daily yoga practice on our stunning mountain-side platform
Daily meditations, yoga nidra or pranayama practice
Delicious, nourishing, vegetarian/vegan  menu prepared by your chef
Fascinating daily workshops

Style of Yoga to be taught

Alongside Meditation and Breathwork the morning practice will be focused on Hatha Yoga with a strong Ashtanga influence. A dynamic sequence that will be repeated and built upon during the week. Ashtanga is a set sequence of standing and seated postures which can be modified depending on the student’s level of practice and ability. The morning practice will be about breaking down the postures and movements to understand why we move in certain ways 

Incorporating a flow like motion into our evening practice. Synchronizing the breath with the movement allows us to move with a meditative state of mind. Threading the yoga philosophy into our energetic moving sequence to bring about a well-rounded Yoga practice. Encouraging inward focus through, postures and breathing techniques. Concluding each evening with stillness and quietness in order to discover the Devine elements within

Your Rustic Retreats journey

Most cultures have a deep spiritual connection to the Elements, and yoga is no different. While each culture will vary in traditions and rituals to connect to the elements, a lot of the meaning will be the same.

Throughout the week we will acquaint our self with the energy centers known as the Chakras and discover what connection they have to the elements. We will explore where more energy is needed in order to bring balance to our body, mind and spirit.  This will be done in our daily Asana practice which will focus on the physical aspects of postures and breathwork, and then our workshops will allow us to discover how we can take yoga off the mat and into our daily life. Our daily meditation practices will allow us the time and space to absorb all the lessons. 

Daily timetable for yoga retreat

07.30  Morning meditation

08.00 Morning yoga practice

09.30 - 10.15 Breakfast buffet

11.00 Workshop (practical/theoretical) or free time

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Free time

19.00 Evening yoga practice

20.30 Meditation or Yoga Nidra

21.00 Evening meal

(Please note, this is a sample timetable and may be subject to change.)


There will be one workshop a day, it may be in the morning or afternoon. 


Your workshop program

Earth: Grounding with Gratitude

Grounding or Earthing refers to the practice of being barefoot or sitting on the ground, simply having direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth. This practice alone has major benefits such as better sleep and reduced pain and stiffness, circulation is also improved. Practicing Gratitude also improves our physical and emotional health. 

Exploring all that the Sierra Espuna mountains have to offer, we will discover how to move slower and connect to the beauty of all the living beings and plants around us. reflecting on how we can treat our earth with more love and kindness

Water: Artistic Flow

We will be using art to connect to the creative side that is within us all. I will share techniques that will help allow that creative expression flow into the world. Art may come in the form of painting, dance, music, poetry. This workshop is not about trying to be “good” at Art but it allows a safe non-judgmental space for us all to express through art how we feel or what we have experienced.  

Fire: Fire & Freedom

We all have emotions we hold onto that don't serve us in a positive way, fear, loss, anger, guilt etc.  We will incorporate Tapas (burning of impurities) into a ceremony, that will help you to heal old wounds and to move on feeling lighter and more positive, freeing you of old unwanted patterns. 

Air: Beautiful Breath

Breathing exercises are a powerful way of connecting with the vital life force or Prana that flows through us all. We will also use mantras to connect with our breath, and to help raise our vibrational energy. 

Ether/Space: Yoga Nidra

As you lie in Shavasana (corpse pose) you will be guided into a deep relaxation, in order to leave the physical sensations of the body and connect with yourself on a deeper spiritual level.  Yoga Nidra will allow you to feel like you are soaring through space. Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing guided meditation, that brings the mind into a state of deep relaxation, floating somewhere in-between a state of sleep and conscious. 

​About Bagend


We are sure you will love Bagend - from our fragrant orange groves, to our simple yet utterly peaceful accommodation in the heart of the Spanish countryside. Get in touch with us to ask any questions, find out more about our retreat or reserve your place now for just €140 deposit.