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Your Inner Sun

Style of Yoga to be taught


The style of teaching will be  mostly dynamic, creative and energetic.  A good balance between Yin (passive) & Yang (active) practice and always fun! We believe that diversity in the practice makes you become aware of possibilities and will help find your way in your personal practice.


The morning Vinyasa flow classes will be dynamic and active. Recharge and energize the body.  Creating some heat and working on our inner power and strength. Body and mind will work together by connecting movement to the breath.  Our Vinyasa classes are creative and will have a different theme every day.

The afternoon classes will be more restorative. Yin Yoga inspired; holding poses for a longer period to stretch and relax the deeper tissues.  Still working with the breath to make sure the body and mind can fully relax and unwind. In these afternoon classes we often use music for a full magical experience.  These classes are for all levels. We will provide adjustments and modifications to suit individual needs.

Your Rustic Retreats journey

This week will offer you a journey to the heart. Letting go of the stresses of your daily life and let in new experiences.  Creating space and becoming more aware of our body and become stronger in your yoga practice.

We will wake up every morning to the sound of the birds.  Enjoying a cup of tea with a freshly picked lemon from our beautiful lemon trees.  Starting our Pranayama/meditation practice followed by our dynamic Vinyasa flow class to wake up our whole body and connect movement to the breath.  The afternoon workshops will be creative and fun and our afternoon practice will be the perfect way to end the day all relaxed and restored.

During this week we will create a yoga practice that you can integrate into your own everyday life.  Start to listen to your body and connect with the mind, leaving Rustic Retreats all renewed and inspired.

Daily timetable for yoga retreat

​07.30 Pranayama or morning meditation

08.00 Morning yoga practice

09.30 - 10.15 Breakfast buffet

11.00 Workshop (practical/theoretical) or free time

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Free time

19.00 Evening yoga practice

20.30 Meditation or Yoga Nidra

21.00 Evening meal

(Please note, this is a sample timetable and may be subject to change.)

There will be one workshop a day, it may be in the morning or afternoon. There is also the option to visit local markets on Wednesday and Sunday.

Your workshop programme

Workshop 1: Grounding with nature


Grounding is one of the most ancient healing forms of energy.  Grounding or Earthing is the ability of the body to simply connect with the earth.


Ancient cultures and shamans knew the importance of grounding.  These days we have a hard way connecting to the earth due to continuous insulation from the shoes we wear, the beds we sleep in, the cars we drive and, due to electronic pollution that make us hold tension and stress in the body.


Grounding keeps your cells dancing freely in the body, allowing the energy drawn from earth to flow easily in the body inducing deep sleep, releasing stress and allowing the body to feel vibrant and energized.  Using the beauty of Bagend’s nature for this workshop, we will leave this workshop feeling grounded and connected to mother nature.


Workshop 2: Mudra Magic


A mudra is a symbolic or ritual gesture performed by the hands.  It is a spiritual gesture that acts as an “energetic seal of authenticity”.   Most mudras are performed with the hands and fingers often in combination with movements of the wrists, elbows, and shoulders; some involve the entire body.  In the yoga and spiritual practices of Indian religions and traditions such as Dharma and Taoism, mudras have been used for thousands of years to assist in meditation and/or healing.  

Mudras are hand positions that stimulate different parts of the body. Together with breathing they can affect the flow of energy in the body and even one’s mood.  The specific hand gestures and positions act as “locks” to guide energy flows and reflexes to the brain. By curling, crossing, stretching and touching the fingers and hands, we can manipulate the mind body connection as each area of the hand corresponds to a certain part of the mind or body. In this workshop we will learn a few Mudra’s to practice in meditations and can be useful in our daily life.

Workshop 3: The Inner child


In this workshop we will go back to what feels good. We will go back to the feeling we had when we were kids and we had no worries. A time to play.  Moving our body in a way that’s fun and feels amazing. Not worrying about how it looks or what other people might think of it. There is still a child in all of us and sometimes it just needs to come out.

Workshop 4: Life is better Upside down


There are so many benefits of bringing the head below the heart. Inversions can stimulate the nervous system, bring more oxygen and blood flow to the brain, boost energy levels and metabolism, engage core muscles, and help with circulation. But most of all it is fun!


This Inversion workshop will give you tips and tricks for your inversion practice. We will look at different variations for advanced students and preparations for beginners who want to have a look at the structure of an inversion practice. Working on our Headstand, Tripod headstand and some handstand fun.


It costs from €579 per person, including all meals, yoga, workshops & equipment. Not including flights or transfers. 


Get in touch with us to ask any questions, find out more about our retreat or reserve your place now for just €140 deposit.

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