3rd May to 9th May 


Our May Bank holiday retreat will energise and recharge you!





Your teacher: Tania Plahay


I am a passionate, experienced and committed Ha-tha and Vinyasa yoga teacher. I currently hold regular open classes in central London, and I also lead workshops and retreats. My portfolio also includes Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Pranayama. I have over 1,000 hours invested in yogic learning. I practice a Holistic and responsive teaching style, aiming to facilitate a sense of quiet self-awareness in my students, and learning about the body, the asanas and breathing techniques. I strongly believe that the wonderful tools and techniques of yoga should be made available for everyone; and I currently teach all ages from prenatal to the elderly!

Minimum contribution of £350 per person.
Includes all accomodation, food, workshops, yoga and equipment. Not inclusive of flights and tranfers.




Your workshop programme:


On this retreat we’ll be inspired by the gorgeous surroundings at Rustic Retreats, and will focus on how our yoga practice can be inspired by the natural world around us. We’ll start each day peacefully with meditation.  As well as a dynamic morning practice around the themes of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, and a more restorative evening practice there will also be the opportunity to take part in a number of workshops.


Pranayama, Breath, and Meditation, including the use of Neti pots (a traditional yoga nasal cleansing practice)

The breath is the key many of the yogic practices. At this workshop we’ll learn about the benefits of meditation and how we can use simple breathing techniques to help us journey from the outer to the inner world. Traditional yogis often used nasal cleaning techniques (using a Neti pot) which are great for colds, allergies, countering the effects of pollution, and blocked sinus. You’ll learn to use the Neti pot and be able to experience the benefits of the practice for yourself, you’ll be given a neti pot to take home and keep. 


Animal Spirit Yoga and Guided Journey 

‘The animal world has a lot to teach us, but first we must learn to speak to animals’ Ted Andrews


Many of the physical positions (asanas) in yoga draw inspiration (and names) from the animal kingdom, and it was believed that ancient sadhus (yogic practitioners) used to imitate animals in the wild, to develop some of the positions we use today. Examples of asanas include cobra, downward dog, eagle.


It is believed in shamanism that we can draw on the special qualities and abilities of animals to guide us and help us in our lives. In native rituals, movement is often incorporated both to relax, but also to help align the individual with the energies and essence of certain animals.


At this unique workshop we’ll be learning some of the secrets of the animal world, and participants will be guided to find their own unique animal totem. They will do this via a guided inner journey through a waterfall where their animal will appear to them.  We’ll then learn about the role of animals as guides in shamanism, for example some animals are nurturers and protectors, others have great fertility and gentleness. Some embody strength and courage, and some can teach playfulness. Animals can help us recognize our own skills, and know when to use certain skills.


Make your own detox spa products and Hopi ear candles


At this fun workshop you will learn to make four fabulous detox spa products from common kitchen indigence  (a body scrub, face mask, body oil and hair mask). We will make these together and apply them using some Thai massage techniques. After making the spa products we’ll use Hopi Ear candles, which can help clear the mind and senses.


Gratitude workshop


‘Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.’ Denis Waitley


At this workshop we’ll explore the importance, and benefits, of developing more gratitude in our lives. We’ll learn a simple technique of how to write a gratitude journal, which can enable us to both appreciate the small things in our lives, but also focus our energies to help manifest greater changes in our lives.


Dancing and free movement


"Watch the dust grains moving in the light near the window. Their dance is our dance.

We rarely hear the inward music, but we're all dancing to it nevertheless,

directed by the one who teaches us, the pure joy of the sun, our music master." -Rumi



Yoga is a practice of developing self-awareness and one way of doing this is through cultivating a greater physical understanding of the body. Based on practices from the 5-rhythms tradition we’ll use free movement and dance to explore how we experience our bodies. This fun workshop will help us loosen up, release tension and improve our self-awareness in our physical yoga practice.