28th July-4th August and 6th August-13th August: 


Two extra special summer retreats await you. Swing in the hammocks, embrace the mindful workshops and allow the beauty of Bagend to envelop your senses......


**Due to unforseen circumstances Nina is not now able to be with us for these retreats, in her place we are delighted to introduce the fabulous Melanie Melvin. Melanie has been a teacher for 20 years and will be leading two exceptional retreats, all the exciting information is below!



Melanie Melvin

I have been practising yoga for 24 years and teaching for 20.  I was originally trained in astanga yoga but have since been inspired by many other teachers and styles including Yin, Scaravelli, Bikram and Forrest yoga.  I am passionate about yoga and my style of teaching is constantly evolving.  I like to offer a joyful and nourishing blend of Hatha-flow yoga, incorporating flowing movement sequences, static postures, breathing exercises and deep relaxation, all adapted to the needs and wishes of my students and following the energy of the group.


In the morning class you will be led through a more dynamic, flowing practise with sun salutations, strong standing postures and cleansing and detoxifying sitting postures, followed by deep relaxation.  The evening will be a slow, gentle yin practise to re-balance all the systems of the body, clarify the mind and expand the heart.


I am a warm and compassionate teacher and my aim is to help everybody feel at home in their bodies and to accept themselves exactly as they are whilst also gently leading students towards the natural strength, health and well being which evolves naturally with practise.  I was trained as a therapist and offer practises to help cultivate inner peace and wellbeing both on and off the mat.  My approach to yoga is holistic, I am a 'people gardener' and I love to see people blossom and flourish!








Minimum contribution of £350 per person.
Includes all accomodation, food, workshops, yoga and equipment. Not inclusive of flights and tranfers.



Example timetable, exact daily schedule may alter.


7.00 Meditation to start the day 

 7.30 Morning yoga practice

 9.00 Breakfast

11.00  Workshop/free time

13-14.00 Lunch

Free afternoon/Workshop

19.00 Evening yoga practice

20.00 Meditation to close the day

21.00 Evening Meal


Your workshop programme:




Based on the work of ancient and contemporary yoga and mindfulness masters, these fun, experiential workshops will be based around the five elements: Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Ether (or spirit). 


We will explore different perspectives on yoga from some of the world's leading teachers and thinkers and embody them in our workshops and classes.  We will also draw inspiration from the beauty and power of the natural environment, the elemental energies surrounding us at Bagend.

Through readings, practical exploration and reflection we will deepen our awareness of ourselves, our yoga practise and our life off the mat!




Taking inspiration from the mountains around us, how can we stay grounded, dignified, balanced and majestic in all weathers?  We will explore reflections on this from the ground-breaking work of Jon Kabat-Zinn 'Wherever you go, there you are' and 'Full Catastrophe Living.'  This workshop will take the form of an introduction to mindfulness and it's connection with yoga practise and philosophy.  Short practises will be offered to take back onto the yoga mat and into everyday life.



Fire up your practise! How to unearth 'tapas' or enthusiasm and cultivate abundant energy (even when you are sluggish!) without undue force.  How to play your edge and run energy through your postures.  The shamanic approach.   We will take inspiration from Erich Schiffmann's wonderful book; 'The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness'



Breathe! - understand your habitual breathing pattern and how to enhance, expand and bring ease to your practise and life through intelligent breath-work. Bring the wide open skies into your yoga and find greater spaciousness in your practise and your life. We will learn traditional and contemporary pranayama (breathing) techniques.  We will also draw inspiration from 'The Breathing Book' by Donna Farhi.



How can we create greater flow? What obstacles do we encounter along the way? how can we get un-stuck and let life flow through our postures and our lives?  We will reflect on the role of the emotions in our practise.  How can we welcome and integrate the energies of anger, sadness or joy into our yoga and meditation practise.  We will explore ways of 'being with' our emotions in order to enhance mental health and relationships.   We will explore approaches and influences from Buddhist writers like Pema Chodron ('When Things Fall Apart.'



In Hindu and yogic philosophy Atman is sometimes defined as 'the spiritual principle of the universe, especially when regarded as immanent in the individual's real self.'

Call it what you like - spirit, universal intelligence, awareness, aliveness, God, the Higgs-Boson particle - the practise of yoga is ultimately aimed at encouraging the flourishing of universal energy in the individual's life.  The cultivation and balancing of all the other elemental energies through yoga, meditation and contemplation of nature allows life to flow through us unimpeded.  In this workshop we will integrate our learning from all the other workshops.  Through mindful speaking and listening, we will reflect on our experience at Bagend, share personal insights and celebrate the journey we have been on together.