Two extra special detox retreats to kick start our 2015 season.......


26th Feb-5th March & 7th March-14th March

With a specially tailored menu devised by our nutritional expert, a full programme of fascinating workshops and an incredible teacher with a vast knowledge of all things yoga, detox and spiritual; these retreats are going to be a super special start to our 2015 season!



Your teacher: Jenny Mace 


When qualified: December 2014

Type of yoga to be teaching: Hatha, Flow and Restorative.

What students can expect in my yoga sessions: Variety! Sure, we'll be working hard to your own "edge" but also there'll be ample relaxation and stillness in decadent doses as well as luxurious opening, lengthening and releasing of many nooks and crannies within the body - all complemented by contemplation, knowledge, inspiration... and many a smile! In short, we'll be enchanting all the senses and basking in the widest possible glory of what yoga can offer for the opportunity of... Silencing, Soothing, Strengthening, Stretching, Softening and Serving... the mind, body and soul.






Minimum contribution of £350 per person.
Includes all accomodation, food, workshops, yoga and equipment. Not inclusive of flights and tranfers.


Your workshop programme :

*All workshops are interactive in style with plenty of time for discussion and Q&A*

Please note all workshops are optional- please contact us if you have any questions.

Workshop 1 – The Mind Approach
Here we’ll draw on some of the philosophical teachings from Yoga Masters (and other key leaders of compassion) that help to create a peaceful mind as free as possible from stress, anxiety, anger, hatred and all the other undesirables! A great workshop to start with as we can set the tone for the week ahead by agreeing on a few basic teachings that we’ll really try our best at incorporating into our lives and practice during the retreat. We can review how we think we’re doing throughout the retreat and also at the end. We’ll also focus on a few key terms to help with our continued success out in the real world such as personal boundaries, balance, spectrum, empathy, functionality, intention and management, reaction vs. response. We’ll examine some of our own negative or destructive internal dialogue and thought patterns, begin to notice where the room for detoxification lies and explore what role meditation can play in all of this.

Workshop 2 – The Physical Approach
Get ready for an up-close and personal look at a few key yoga postures. In this workshop we shall dissect a few of our favourite asanas in all their anatomical and physiological glory – deciphering what actually is going on in our bodies during each asana and how it aids detoxification: get ready for lots of ooh-ing and aah-ing! The nature of this workshop will be carried through into some of our physical yoga practices too.

Workshop 3 – The Environmental Approach
An often forgotten about factor in healthy living and detoxification. How clean is your environment? This can include high levels of stress, over-working, the impact of the media, air pollution and noise pollution. The impact of technology is also impacting us greatly – supposedly making us ever more connected… but in fact leaving many incredibly isolated. How can we limit the negative effects of these aspects on our health? How can we give our body recuperation time away from these aspects? Let’s discuss together what we can do whilst still living in society!

Workshop 4 – The What-We-Put-Into-Our-Body Approach
Are you confused by all the different supposed healthy diets out there? Do you feel like every month that there seems to be a new one claiming to be “the one” or “the best”? Join us for our objective whistle-stop tour of several of the different major healthy eating plans including ayurvedic, paleo, blood type, raw foodism, veganism, alkaline, gluten-free, wholefood and more. Get the basics sorted in your head and see if you feel drawn to any.

Workshop 5 – The Emotional Approach (Voice and Dance/Movement)
Expect to experience tasters of the ethos and practices from The School of Ecstatic Movement and The Natural Voice Practitioner’s Network as we examine – and experience – how voice and movement can aid emotional releases and leave us feeling more connected, more rested and more upbeat. Absolutely no experience is necessary and pleeeeeeease do not be put off by thoughts of “you can’t sing”, “I am rubbish at dancing” or “people will think I’m a fool”. We will be practicing in a safe, non-judgemental environment and you will be gently guided in the practice. There will be no right or wrong and no specific steps or harmonies to learn! It’s all just about having an opportunity to release and express yourself and to find another meditative place through voice and movement. Trust us – you’ll be amazed by the joy you experience!