1st June-7th June & 9th June- 15th June 2015


Our early June retreats will ground you and fill you with blissful summertime energy!



Your teacher: Deborah Richards

I have practiced yoga for many years and trained in 2013 with a wonderful teacher, Debbie Avani, who came along at just the right time in my life.   The style of yoga that I teach is a vinyasa, based around the Hatha style.   My flows are influenced by the seasons and based around what I think our body’s need at the different times of year.









Minimum contribution of £350 per person.
Includes all accomodation, food, workshops, yoga and equipment. Not inclusive of flights and tranfers.


Your workshop programme outline:


Example timetable, exact daily schedule may alter.


7.00 Pranayama

 7.15 Chanting followed by Silent Meditation (for as short or as long as you like)

 8.00 Asana Vinyasa Class *

 9.30 Breakfast

11.00  Workshop

13-14.00 Lunch

Free afternoon

19.00 Yin Yoga ** / Gentle Flowing Vinyasa

20.00 Meditation / Silent or Yoga Nidra depending on preferences

21.00 Evening Meal


*  The classes with be Hatha style, ensuring good foundations, building heat and opening the body, lengthening the muscles, bringing balance on to our mats and into our lives.  Any area of the body or specific asanas that you want to explore, if you let me know during the retreat we can either do it in class or have a mini workshop or look at putting together a home practice.


**  Yin Yoga works deeply into the ligaments of the joints. The asanas are held for 3/5 minutes and a class may often only have 5 or six actual postures.  Yin combines traditional yoga with the meridians of Chinese Medicine along with allowing space to really observe the mind.



Your Workshop Programme




One might say - what is there to talk about breathing?  Well, quite a lot when you get down to it.  If you were to ask a yoga master what he thought about the shedload of impressive poses that adorn magazines and the internet, you would probably be told they are merely a prelude to what yoga is really about.  We will be looking at how we can take ourselves closer to the 'about'.  Firstly by examining the actual process of breathing from birth, through the physical and energetic benefits of a 'full breath', understanding how the breath can be a mirror to our emotions and a bridge to our unconscious, leading to the deeply calming, meditative state where the body is almost 'being' energetically breathed and then incorporating this in our asana practice to help explore our bodies and our Edge.


Standing on Your Own Two Feet


Our feet carry us through life, but often we only think about them in terms of colour of toe nail polish, shoes that match an outfit or if they ache!  In Yoga practice they are very often our foundation, or the origin of movement.  Think how the arch of the foot is what propels you from Downward Facing Dog to a Plank pose.  We'll be looking at the very important make up of the foot, how it works, how it significantly affects everything else up the chain, balance, how to properly activate the feet.  Working through some asanas and feeling into the sensations, the difference that small adjustments can make to a posture if the foundation is correct, and finally potential problems.  If we are physically ungrounded, how can we hope to be grounded spiritually.


The Power of Chanting


Chanting has many benefits, some of which we will explore, and also investigate why Yoga Teachers often start and finish with chanting Om.  Understanding the symbology of Om is an interesting journey.  We'll explore the significance of the different sounds within the mantra relating to Indian philosophy, the meaning of the sign, and how it is a complete cycle, leading us home!




We will take a brief look at the history of Homeopathy and Samuel Hahnemann, the Father of Homeopathy.  The principles and concepts, how a remedy is made, the 'picture' of a remedy and different constitutions and pre-dispositions, the potency scale and how you can use a number of remedies (now at most chemists) at home for first aid purposes.


Chakras and their Gateway to the Physical Body


The chakras govern the Endocrine System, that in turn regulates all the body's functions.  So the Bridge - The Link from the SPIRITUAL to the PHYSICAL Body - Endocrine System - via the blood and the nervous system with its electrical signals.  It is the PHYSICAL mechanism that the SOUL uses to speak to us.  We will take a closer look how when our energy is blocked it impacts on our physical body and how yoga can help to open up the flow again.