18th - 24th August & 26th August - 1st September


Our glorious late summer retreats, with a introspective practice that will be relaxing and soothing for the soul.....


Your teacher: Jane Nayar 


Hello I’m Jane and I teach Dynamic Yoga, which is a deep flow of asanas allowing the movement to take you into a journey of self inquiry within your yoga posture practice.  Broadening, lengthening and grounding whilst moving in a conscious flow within the breath.  Inquiring into the possibility of taking the practise deeper using the dynamic approach and allowing the breath to flow as freely as possible.

I completed my training in September 2013, although I continue to train and practice with my teachers whenever possible.

You can expect a safe and gentle approach to your practice within my teaching with the experience of knowing how to take the body into a deeper level of consciousness during our posture practice.  The retreats are suitable for ALL levels from beginners to teachers who would like to explore the Dynamic approach.


I hope we have a wonderful journey of self discovery together and look forwards to meeting you in August.







Minimum contribution of £350 per person.
Includes all accomodation, food, workshops, yoga and equipment. Not inclusive of flights and tranfers.


Sample Timetable


07.00 Pranayama/morning meditation

07.30 morning Yoga practice
09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Workshop (practical/theroretical) or free time
13:00 Lunch

15.00 Workshop or free time
19.00 evening Yoga practice

20.30 Meditation/ yoga nidra
21.00 Evening meal



Dynamic yoga:

At the heart of any authentic yoga practice is self inquiry, an open and honest inquiry into the possibilities of yoga and finding who you are. In Dynamic yoga this inquiry is undertaken through an intelligent step-by-step (vinyasa krama) approach to yoga posture practice within a flow of postures (asanas) breathing (pranayama) and movement (ullola).

This practice, rather than taking us into the extreme poses without integrity, is focused on applying principles within specific actions, in which we arrive at a quality of movement where the minimum amount of necessary effort is applied.  The mind then becomes internalised and more sensitive to the body within it's actions.

With commitment to practice the possibilities are infinite. The body begins to feel more open and strong, light and flexible. The respiratory system can feel to be functioning effectively as our oxygen efficiency increases and the mind may feel more alert, yet calm.

In a dynamic yoga class-spoken instruction is gentle, supportive, precise and refined. Carefully and thoughtfully delivered,with an understanding of what the body finds helpful in order to release old patterns and tension and to re- establish new neuro-muscular pathways of integrity.

Dynamic Yoga, is about using the whole body to help broaden what can be broadened, soften what can be softened, lengthen what can be lengthened
- taking us into a deeper Yoga Posture Practice, with integrity.

It is a great foundation for medtiation and has sometimes been called 'moving meditation' due to it's mind/body connection.  This practice is suitable
for ALL levels wishing to explore just what it is to be sensitive and conscious within your yoga posture practice.  It's also particularly good for those who have had injury within their practice and are returning to yoga with a more mindful approach.


Your retreat outline:


Starting each morning with Pranayama using Kapalabahti breath with guidance taking you in to a very gentle variation of this ancient techquine to help prepare the body and mind before our yoga posture practice. Each day is an invitation for self inquiry within your own yoga posture practice, without force or pressure and taught with integrity to safely nurture you, with clear instruction and guidance into a deeper level of feeling within your practice.

Day 1:The Universal Actions of Dynamic Yoga
Exploring within a yoga flow the Universal Actions of Dynamic Yoga. Using all of the body by softening what can be softened, to broader what can be broadened into lengthening what can be lengthened. Detailed step-by-step (vinyasakrama) instruction whilst flowing through a sequence of asanas within movement (ullolas).

Day 2:The Spine

Self inquiry into the lengthening of the spine and how to keep the back safe as we move in and out of our flowing practice (ullola's) Within a conscious effort again with guided instruction.

Day 3:The Pelvis
Looking at the pelvis and it's relationship with the ribcage, spine and legs. The way we rotate the pelvis at we move though ullola's (movements from
one asana to another).Bringing softness into the pelvis, helping to keep the lower back safe.

Day 4: Opening the Shoulders
The shoulders play a very important part in Yoga Posture Practice,tension here can cause problems in other areas of the body. This is the main sequence used within Dynamic Yoga. Many postures/asanas we do help with the opening of the shoulders, to eventually, if we are ready, coming up onto our shoulders.

Day 5: Salute to the Moon  - Xandranamaska
Gentle variation from the more popular 'sulute to the sun'.

With the last 4 days now all brought together, with the foundations and ullolas consciously made you can now take this practice with you, so when you leave wherever you may go, it will be with you as part of your yoga journey.



Your workshop programme:


Jane is a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Dynamic Yoga Teacher, her workshops are an opportunity to explore a little deeper into some of the knowledge and experiences she has to share. 


The Seven Universal Actions and Methodology of Dynamic Yoga

An enquiry into the seven universal actions and methodology behind dynamic yoga.  We will explore  the seven actions used to help support and guide the body during our yoga posture practice this week. This exploration will help support you during the days of practice, although we will cover this daily, it will be an opportunity to discuss / share and deepen the next weeks practice for you.


Nutrition / Naturopathic Workshop

Looking at Naturopathic techniques used 100’s of years ago to support the body as naturally as possible  such as castor oil packing, skin brushing, enemas and even a little bit of urine therapy (just a little!)


Guided Visualisation / Personal Journeys

Two afternoon Sessions of Guided Meditation/Visualisation/Personal Journey

Let me take you on a guided journey, an elightening experience into a visualisation using meditation.  Opening up your subconscious mind into bringing up past and future emotions and insights.  A fun afternoon and personal journey experience. Normally with our daily meditations we stay ‘in the present’ however this visualisation will be a short journey to the past and future which may give support to the present.


Yoga Workshop :The Bandas

An exploration into the use of the bandhas during our practice. We will discuss what they are and how they can be applied. There will be a small amount of yoga practice / self enquiry, during this workshop.